Lumigan vs Latisse vs Careprost 

Lumigan vs Latisse vs Careprost 

The big question for many people is, what is the difference between Careprost and Latisse? There is no difference between the two. Careprost is actually a generic version of Latisse, a non-prescription eyelash enhancement product. The active ingredient in these two serums is Bimatoprost. These two medicines are used to treat Glaucoma, creating full, dark lashes.

This medicine for Glaucoma has now become a blessing for humans. It is also used as an eyelid enhancement drug. It is already proved that it is a very effective medicine for eyelash growth. After using it, women can easily say goodbye to huge investments in fake eyelashes or similar products. Now they need very little money to get the right results.

Latisse was originally manufactured by Allergan whose main ingredient is Bimatoprost, and it is now proven to be the FDA-approved medicine that is the primary drug for eyelash growth.

Manufactured by Sun Pharma, Careprost online is recommended by all doctors for treating Glaucoma. Most beauty therapists also prescribe serums for eyelash enhancement and they recommend using it for 16 weeks to achieve the full impact. You may notice darker and longer Eyelashes after a few weeks of use. But don’t stop it suddenly, you cannot get the proper result.

What is Lumigan?

Lumigan, like Latisse or Careprost, is a prescription eye drop that must be used to treat Glaucoma or high blood pressure. The primary function of this eye drop is to reduce the pressure on the optic nerve, remove all the irritating pain in the eye and help the patient maintain his eyesight. Like other eye serums, it is used as a drop. It can cause an iris brown color, darkening of the skin around the eyelids and eyelids. You cannot stop taking medicine suddenly; its side effects can be reversed after stopping.

Lumigan has several side effects that cannot be overlooked, including wart growth, conjunctival hyperemia, ocular pruritus, itching at the base of the eyelids, red and swollen eyes, etc. Also included are “dryness of the eyes, burning of the eyes, visual disturbances, sudden pain in the eyes, pigmentation of the periocular skin, and blackening of the eyelash or hair around the eyes.

Is Careprost the Same as Latisse?

Yes, these two are the same eyelash enhancement serum. There are many advanced eyelashes enhancement serums on the market. Everyone claims that everyone is good, but very few can give accurate results. However, those who have used Careprost have benefited and their eyelashes have increased significantly. So you can use the Careprost if you are facing any problem.

Due to the growing demand for eyelash enhancing serums, all the eye serum manufacturer companies are trying to produce generic products that are available at low cost, but the efficiency is the same. The generic form of Latisse is Careprost which can be purchased from the market without a prescription, but the efficiency is the same. It is now the most widely used eyelash enhancing serums, which are widely used to enhance the beauty of the eyes.

Both Latisse and Careprost have the same structure and effect on lashes. These two eye solutions contain 0.03% Bimatoprost which affects the hair follicles around the eyes. Not only does it enhance and thicken the hair, but it also makes the hair grow, and it’s color darker.

So experts say that if you want to grow eyelashes, you must try Careprost or Latisse. These eyelash growth serums look long and thick without any makeup after about 17 weeks of proper use, which is beyond your comprehension. Like Latisse, almost all online medicine stores are available at Careprost Available.

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Difference in Pricing

Both products are equally efficient and effective, but when compared to the price, according to the survey, Careprost is much cheaper than Latisse. So those who can’t afford expensive products. Careprost is much more pocket-friendly to them. You can compare the prices of the two products yourself.

On average, a Careprost 3ml bottle with Bimaprost present at 0.03% concentration can cost around $ 42. Similarly, a bottle of Latisse can cost approximately $ 99. So Latisse from Careprost is much more expensive.

Latisse vs. Lumigan

Latisse and Lumigan contain a similar active ingredient but these products are not accurate. Lumigan contains 0.01 % Bimatoprost and is meant as an eye drop placed in the eye. Both of these products are commonly used and widely as effective treatments for Glaucoma.

Latisse contains 0.03 % Bimatoprost and have specially designed brushes in the box that help you to use the serum on the upper eyelid margin.

Can Lumigan be used for eyelash growth?

Lumigan is a well-known eye serum. Now the question is can it bring you long, thick, full lashes like Latisse? The technical answer is yes. Because the active ingredients of Latisse, Lumigan, and Careprost are the same, its concentration and application are slightly different from Latisse and Careprost. In Lumigan, Bimatoprost is 0.01% concentrated, while 0.03% Bimaprost presents on Latisse and Careprost. The Latisse and Careprost come with specially made applicator brushes you can apply them perfectly. But Lumigan has to use itself.

Latisse eyelashes are prescribed to treat hypothyroidism, a health problem arising from insufficient lashes whereas Lumigan is an infallible drug. The FDA has also approved this eye serum for the treatment of Glaucoma. For inadequate and tiny eyelashes, if you are thinking of using Lumigan, it means that your eyelash will be exposed to more Bimatoprost than you need.

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