is the reliable online pharmacy store whose main objective of is to provide 100% satisfaction to their respected customers. They put their best effort to fulfill all the orders that the customer placed and maintain delivery schedule strictly. When a customer gives order for a careprost product then they provide the specific material customer request for and use customer information to deliver the products. There can always be a reason why a customer or the dealer might have to cancel their order. They keep their cancellation policy flexible for their customers. Cancellation policy will be applicable for the following situation:

  • Limitation of quantity available for purchase: If the quantity of the product that a customer orders for is less or the stock of that specific product is unavailable then the cancellation policy will be applicable.
  • Disputes and complaints: If customer find any dispute in the product then they should get in touch with their customer care team immediately so that they can provide assistance to find an amicable solution.
  • Unavailable of stock: When a product that a customer wants is found unavailable then the order cancellation policy will be applicable.
  • Unpaid order: They do not promote any unpaid order.
  • Cancellation by the customer: Customer can cancel order whenever he/she wants but there must be a good reason to do it.
  • Non-Receipt of Payment: Non-receipt payment is considered as cancellation of order.
  • Refund: If any customer paid by a credit card or check/money order then they send back if the available amount has not been deposited.
  • Complete satisfaction: In case, if customers are dissatisfied with any of their products, they can report to the customer care team. In case, they are unable to solve customer issues then they provide a complete replacement or return the money.