Why Do We Have Eyelashes?

 Why Do We Have Eyelashes?

Eyelashes are an essential part of the eye that protects our eyes from various things every day Also, long thick eyelash enhances beauty.

When we look at our face in the mirror we see our beautiful eyelashes, but you probably don’t think about this aspect of the eyelash. Many of us start thinking about the delicate hairs that come out of the eyes to say eyelids, and then we think they are weird! But we need to know what it is and the importance of Eyelashes is?

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Now fake eyelashes from cut eyebrows have become a meaningful way to express personal style. Almost all the girls are following Ra. But you need to know that eye makeup is more than just decoration.

So why do we have eyelashes?

A report from the American Academy of Ophthalmology states that the primary purpose of eyelash protection is to protect the eye from external elements. It covers the round eye area from liquid, hard, dust, bugs, or insects.

Eyebrows and Eyelashes Help Safeguard Our Eyes

Almost everyone knows that the real purpose of eyelids is to protect the eyes.

Your lashes work similarly to the eyebrow. Not only do they keep the eyes away from liquids, but they also remove sand and debris from the eyes. It is like the thorns of a dog or a cat; they are susceptible to any touch and very sensitive to eyelashes and any element. It means that if something comes too close to the eye, the first thing you notice is the eyelid. When faced with impending danger, the first eye price is closed.

Nature has shown that the necks of almost all mammals have the perfect length, which perfectly protects the eyes from damage and is ideal for keeping them moist and comfortable. Whether the eyelash is short or long, your eyes may be more susceptible to dust particles and dryness. And all kinds of eyelash prevents this problem.

Full, long, curly eyelash is beautiful, but it does not affect everyday life.

For those who have very long eyelashes, uncomfortably, it occasionally hits the forehead bone when you blink; again, they also hit the lens of the glasses. Many people think it is just a fantasy, but you will not realize it until you face it.

In this case, many people think trimming the eyelash. But first, you need to consider how important it is to you: In this case, very little pruning requires just a few millimeters, which will work well.

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Why Eyelash is an important part of the human body

Eyelashes offer protection to the eyes; they work almost like a facial fissure. They are so sensitive that they trigger a blink of an immune response if anything touches them. So those who do not have eyelids will take more time for the reaction to be active because they do not always understand when something comes in front of the eyes. “That eyelash always warns you that there is something around you that can actually damage the eye, which is very important.

As published in the 2019 Journal of the Royal Society Interface, lashes can easily detect fluid, dust, and other eye problems. They help to keep the eyes moist by limiting the evaporation of the eye.

What are physical conditions affect the growth of the eyelash?

Certain physical conditions can cause people to lose their eyebrows or eyelashes very quickly, which are also known as alopecia, patchy hair loss. If you suffer from this problem, it can affect hair growth in any part of your body, be it scalp, big eye, or eyelash. It also happens that sometimes the eyelids fall for unknown reasons. Many people tear their lashes out of annoyance or anxiety, which damages them. Trichotillomania is a physical condition that can force people to pull their hair. Again during the surprise time, the eyebrows become thinner due to the active thyroid. You should talk to your doctor if you notice that your eyebrows or lashes are getting thinner or falling out or any other change.

If you are thinking of changing eyebrows for cosmetics other than mascara, you must be careful, especially if you are thinking of coloring them. The pigment is safe to use around the eyes, but you should avoid letting it get into the eyes. So you need to know that lashes should never be dyed. Some people use eyelash drops to lengthen and thicken the lashes. Many eye drops are available in the market, such as Careprost , which is actually a glaucoma drug and is used by girls worldwide to increase lashes. But before using this medicine, you should know that it can create dark spots under the eyes.

Eyelash is an integral part of the eye, and those who have recently lost it or accidentally shortened it can understand how useful it is. If your short eyelash or eyelash is entirely missing, then you need to be self-conscious. If you do not have eyelashes, you need to know that your eye health is at risk. Because then it cannot prevent any dust, debris contaminates from entering the eye.

So, if you have recently faced an accident with an eyelid-curler, it is essential to know what you have left out when you curl up the eyelash, if you intentionally cut them to make them more beautiful, then it will because you harm.

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