Careprost v/s Latisse : Which is Right for you

Careprost v/s Latisse : Which is Right for you

Women are always conscious of their looks and beauty. They always want to outshine wherever they go. So are they particular about their skin and cosmetics used? Eyes are the essential part of one’s beauty and eyelashes are the one that defines them.

so everyone wants to grow eyelashes as soon as possible and in the market, there are two alternatives first one is Genuine careprost and the second one is Latisse. so here we compare Careprost v/s Latisse.

There have been various alternatives available nowadays for the bigger and fuller eyelashes like artificial eyelashes. Artificial eyelashes weaken natural eyelashes more and tend to break them out. Many times it has been observed that these artificial eyelashes don’t come out easily and cause damage to the eyes and may also lead to loss of vision.

With the discovery of eyelash growth medication, it has turned out to be a blessing for people. Now it’s easy for women to say goodbye to their fake eyelashes or huge investments in products when all you need is a small amount of money for magical results. Genuine Careprost and Latisse are the same generic medicines.

Both of them are the sterile solution of Bimatoprost and are completely identical both in composition and inaction exerted on eyelashes. It is a fact that the company Allergan received a patent for the single cosmetic use of a 0.03% solution of Bimatoprost under the brand Latisse.

Both are equivalently efficient but when it comes to comparison of affordability, it is generally noted that Careprost, having the same composition and ingredients as Latisse, is cheaper than Latisse.

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When Both Have the Same Effects and Work Absolutely in the Same Way Then Why Pay More?

The Careprost eye drops work to achieve longer, denser and thicker eyelashes. Latisse and Careprost are identical in terms of volume of product, packaging, and composition.

They have the same effects and provide the best results. They differ in their manufacturing companies and prices. Careprost is the most affordable one of both with the same results as that of Latisse.

The solution takes a few weeks if used regularly, to grow lashes thicker and darker without any makeup. It is an FDA permitted solution used in treating hypotrichosis. The use of this medication provides you with an attractive look and beautiful eyes without any use of eye makeup.

The medication encloses that Bimatoprost is a main functional component. The drug usually works on promoting the hair growth cycle to make the eyelashes grow denser and thicker naturally. This results in curvy and longer lashes.

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Difference in Pricing

The Careprost is made by Sun Pharmacy and Latisse is made by Allergan. There is a huge difference between the two ophthalmic solutions in Pricing. Latisse costs 4 times more than Careprost.

You can compare the prices yourself online. A bottle of Latisse costs $125 whereas Careprost costs about $35. Many people also found after using Careprost ( Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution) that there were itching and irritation in the eyes like after using Latisse.

Latisse and Careprost are said to have similar packaging and come in similar sizes and volumes with the same ingredient, so why not spend less amount and experience wonderful results by using this wonder medication.

Careprost ( Generic Latisse ) can be easily available online and it is always recommended to buy after the proper prescription from a doctor and also to read the leaflet properly before using this medicine.

There are now a lot of Eyelash Growth products in medical stores. Most of them contain Bimatoprost as their vital and essential component.

As per customers reviews and popularity it can be seen that Careprost is the most selling eyelash growth eyedrops solution in the medical stores as well as online. Online selling can be seen as the most promising and safer one in this well-developed era.

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