Is Castor Oil Effective in Growing Eyelashes

Is Castor Oil Effective in Growing Eyelashes?

All females desire to have long and thick eyelashes. You also must understand how tough it is to make your lashes stronger. There is a solution that will make your lashes as you want. You just have to order Careprost eye drops.

What do you mean by Castor Oil?

It is a plant-based oil that comes from seeds of castor oil. It poses many benefits to hair and skin. There must be the right use of castor oil for maximum advantage. Castor oil has various omega fatty acids, protein, triglyceride, minerals, Vitamin E, and Ricinoleic acid.

Advantages of Castor oil

People face issues in growing their eyebrows. The problem is faced in growing lashes back. Castor oil is a natural remedy for this disorder. There are various advantages of castor oil. Omega fatty acids provide nourishment to hair and the hair of eyelashes will grow. Vitamin E supports healthy hair growth. It also enhances the circulation of blood and cleanses the pores from deep. It also adds volume for preventing the loss of hair. Vitamin E functions as a strong antioxidant for building and repairing the tissue. The eyelashes will become long and strong. Your lashes will also shine and hydrate with deep moisture.

 Steps to apply castor oil on your eyelashes

  1. The face must be cleaned properly. You can wash your face with warm water for cleaning the face. The pores get open and oil can penetrate easily.
  2. You must also remove makeup from the face. The face must be clean.
  3. Now, make your face dry with a towel. You can soak it with oil and massage the eyelashes in the hair growth direction. You can also apply castor oil to your eyebrows.
  4. You can also take mascara or eyeliner brush. The brush must be clean and apply some castor oil on the lower and upper eyelashes.
  5. You must apply it before going to bed as it will stay on the lashes the whole night. You must remove the excess oil. It must be applied two times a week.

What castor oil can do to eyelashes?

  • Moisturize- The lashes are moisturized by oiling. The main thing is to make hair hydrated. The lashes will look shiny and supple.
  • Coat hair- You can apply oil and it will become thick in some time.
  • Hair loss- The castor oil prevents hair loss and prevents premature loss.

How to use Castor oil?

  • Wait till night- If you want to have full and thick eyelashes then wait till night. The castor oil takes several hours to absorb in the hair. It is the sticky oil that attracts dirt.
  • Remove makeup- Remove mascara and make-up.
  • Place oil on cotton swab- You can take the drop of castor oil on cotton ad applies it gently to the eyelashes.
  • Sleep- Now, you can sleep with ease the entire night.
  • Wipe off- You can use make-up remover or soap to clean lashes.

Is castor oil safe to use?

  • Eye irritation- It is quite painful if it gets into the eye. You can apply it lightly to the eyes at night.
  • Skin irritation- Certain people are allergic to Castor oil. You can do the patch test for testing the skin irritation.
  • Product quality and type- There are two kinds of castor oil: Jamaican black castor and cold-pressed one. The dark one is used for hair. The main aim is to use the organic product.

It is a sticky and thick oil that makes your lashes strong and thick. If the castor oil doesn’t work then you can go to the doctor. The doctor can ask you to buy Careprost eye drops. You will get lustrous eyelashes with castor oil or Bimatoprost.


Castor oil is available in various cosmetic products. It comes with low toxicity but it can stimulate an allergic reaction. The castor oil can be tested on the skin. If you feel that castor oil is irritating then you must tell to the doctor.  You can also place the order of super lash Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution from

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If you want to have strong eyelashes then you can go to the doctor or apply castor oil. The doctor can also ask you to adopt another alternative therapy for strong eyelashes. Before the application of castor oil or Careprost, you must clean your face. So, you can place the order and will get the eye drops at a reasonable rate.

There are many benefits of buying medicines online. The medicine will be dispatched free of cost. You just have to share your address, contact number, and nearest landmark. So, you can go through the details or information about the medicine or eye drops.

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