How to overcome glaucoma naturally

How to overcome glaucoma naturally

Glaucoma is a disorder of the eye that leads to vision loss for a long time. If the signs remain untreated then it results in blindness. Glaucoma is the outcome of intraocular pressure detrimental the optic nerve triggering loss of vision. The patient must talk to the eye specialist and he will advise genuine careprost for your eye.

Remedy for glaucoma

As such, there is no definite remedy for glaucoma but there are certain tricks that will help to overcome this disorder. The natural tips don’t come under the treatment of glaucoma but they can be a supportive treatment method for the therapy. You must talk with the doctor before starting the regimen. Also, communicate with the specialist if you want to add certain nutrients and foods to your diet.

Healthy diet for glaucoma

A decent diet plays an vital role in the fitness of the eye. It also reduces down the evolution of glaucoma. The clinical studies state that certain nutrients and vitamins pose an influence on IOP and the progression of the disorder. The vegetables and fruits rich in carotenoids, Vitamin C, and A are beneficial in IOP. You can include sprouts and green vegetables such as kale, collard greens, spinach, and Brussels sprouts in the meal.

The antioxidants prevent the destruction of the optic nerve. The food rich in antioxidants is green tea, cranberries, pomegranates, flax seeds, and acai berries. You can also consume radish, beans, carrots, and peaches. Avoid taking excessive coffee and caffeine beverages as it enhances pressure inside the eye.

Exercise for healthy IOP

The exercise in moderation helps to maintain intraocular pressure. The exercise improvises a stream of blood to the eye and body. Vigorous exercise will increase the pressure so, there is no need for it. Certain yoga positions lead to increased IOP. If you are suffering from glaucoma and perform yoga then avert headstands, plow, legs up the wall, and forward bends.

Natural supplements

The mineral or vitamin deficiency can be restored by consuming calcium, zinc, magnesium, and Vitamin B, Vitamin A & E. The supplements are a must for the individual with glaucoma. If you think that you are not getting nutrition from the food then you can take supplements.


Some herbs can pose a therapy for glaucoma. The herbal remedies are Ginko which enhances ocular blood flow. Bilberry has strong antioxidants that reduced ganglion cell damage. Forskolin lessens IOP if applied topically. Medical marijuana reduces IOP but must be used for a short duration. These herbs have shown promising effects in clinical studies but they are not recommended to treat glaucoma. Certain herbs pose harmful effects or drug interaction with other medicines.

Prevention of glaucoma

You can reduce the risk of glaucoma naturally by diagnosing it properly. You must eat healthy food and exercise daily to improve the outcome. The low and high body weight both enhances the risk of IOP. You must avoid smoking and alcohol. You can also perform meditation and avoid stress by developing coping strategies. You can take care of dental hygiene as the research has demonstrated that primary open-angle glaucoma is linked with periodontal disease.

Avoid smoking

Smoking can cause age-related macular degeneration, cataract, and uveitis. Nicotine marks in the narrowing of blood vessels. This slows down aqueous flow and restriction of stream of blood to the optic nerve. The cigarette has dangerous chemicals that can worsen glaucoma.

Reduce the use of medications containing steroids

Steroid medicines in form of skin cream, pills, or nasal spray can enhance IOP. It is the key reason of cataracts and glaucoma. You can discuss the alternative for steroid medicines.

Meditation for decreasing eye pressure

Meditation reduces blood pressure and stress. It was studied in a clinical trial in around 90 subjects with glaucoma that the 15 minutes are spent on deep breathing exercises. You can also perform meditation for the next 45 mins. It was concluded that around 75 percent of subjects experienced a 25 percent decrease in IOP.

Monitoring with qualified doctors

The destruction of the optic nerve happens slowly. You will not be capable to communication signs too easily. You can ask an ophthalmologist every 1-2 years. The doctor will do optic disc evaluation, imaging scan, and intraocular pressure tests.

Consult your eye doctor

The loss of vision can be diagnosed early. Healthy lifestyle modifications and supplements are helpful to manage glaucoma. Natural remedies are the alternative to treatment. You must discuss the signs of glaucoma so that he can prescribe the treatment accordingly. He can ask you to buy Careprost eyelash serum from It is a consistent online stage that can be used to procure medicines.

Glaucoma is a serious condition as you are not able to diagnose it easily. I have discussed various tips that will help to improve the outcome of glaucoma. You must take natural supplements and a diet rich in minerals and antioxidants. Also, do proper exercise and mediation in moderation. It is a must that you must tell the doctor about the various medicines that you are taking.

Lessen the use of liquor and tobacco as it can enhance IOP. You can also take natural herbs that will be a supportive therapy for treating glaucoma. The genuine Careprost is also one of the ways to treat glaucoma. You can purchase Careprost eyelash serum from It will help to get the proper therapy for the disorder.

You can easily place an order from a reliable platform. You will get cashback offers and bank money-back offers for ordering medicines online. So, you must read positive customer feedback and place the order from smart devices.

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