Get Your Eyelashes the Desired Length and Thickness Using Careprost

Get Your Eyelashes the Desired Length and Thickness Using Careprost

The eyes are often the first thing a person sees when they meet another person. Your eyes make up a significant part of your first impressions and your attractiveness. You will do everything for making your wyes attractive by having a long and dark eye lash.

The fashion and makeup industry has many tricks up its sleeves to give you false lashes. Extensions of eyelashes are a great way to achieve this effect. You can create the illusion of thick, dark and long eyelashes with mascara and eyeliners.

These quick hacks may not work long-term, but they are possible. Even though sustainability is important, using makeup products on sensitive skin can be harmful. Regular use of expensive products can also lead to a decrease in your budget.

We have the perfect solution for you if you’re looking for something that will grow your eyelashes to the exact length and thickness that you desire.

What is Careprost?

Considered to be the best eye care medication, Careprost eye drop is the best solution to treat thin or poorly developed eyelashes, and the next to treat hypotrichosis.

It contains bimatoprost, an ophthalmic solution 0.03 that is a combination of Latisse/Lumigan. This helps the eyelashes grow thicker and healthier than they have ever been.

How Careprost can be used to grow longer & darker eyelashes?

The careprost eye drops contain 0.03% of Bimatoprost solution in 3 ml of the bottle. This solution includes an applicator used for applying eyelash serum to the eyelashes. After using the solution, the bottle can be disposed of later. To prevent any contamination, always use new and clean cotton buds for every application.

Make sure to wash your eyes thoroughly and get rid of any makeup that may have been applied. You must properly remove fake eyelashes, eyelash extensions, mascara, and eye shadow that may have been applied to your eyes. Contact lenses must also be removed before you apply the Careprost Eyelash Grow Serum to your eyelashes.

After you have cleansed your eyes and taken off all makeup, you can apply the solution on your eyelashes.

Anyone other than you who is helping you in applying this solution to your eyelashes should be clean. This solution works best when applied at night before going to sleep. This will give enough time for getting absorbed solution to the roots of the eyelashes completely.

This solution can also be used at other times of the day to grow eyelashes. This super lash bimatoprost ophthalmic solution will be used only once a day. You will notice a difference in your eyelashes after you use this solution on a regular basis for 4 to 6 weeks.

Careprost: How does it work?

Bimatoprost Careprost can be used to treat hypotrichosis. This is when your eyelash growth is not normal or sufficient to produce adequate or complete eyelashes. It allows you to grow thicker, darker, and longer eyelashes. It reduces high blood pressure. High pressure can cause damage to the optic nerve. It also helps in the growth of eyelashes.

Bimatoprost, a chemical known as prostaglandin and naturally occurring, is believed to play a role in hair growth. It works by increasing the length of active hair growth periods. Bimatoprost serums are able to help you grow longer, thicker and darker eyelashes than ever before.


  • Missed Dose

You need to take the eye drops as per the time allocated. Take your next dose if you skipped the dose. In order to make the missed one, do not double your dose.

  • Overdose

Careprost Eye Drops are intended for external use so side effects from overdoses are unlikely. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Contraindication of Careprost

Careprost Eye Drop hypersensitivity is a contraindication. If any of the given conditions you should observed while using these eye drops, then stop using it:

  • Tests for abnormal liver function
  • Inflammation in the iris
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Inflammation in the eye’s uvea
  • Missing eye lens
  • Macular swelling and eye degeneration

Proper storage conditions for Bimatoprost Solution

It is recommended that this eyelash-enhancing medicine be kept in a cool, dry place with a temperature of 25°C or less. To prevent contamination, the top lid must be replaced. The bottle must be used within four weeks after opening. After that, the bottle should be thrown away.

Side effects of Careprost eye drops

Here is a list of potential enemies to this ophthalmic solution:

  • Vision loss
  • Vision blurriness
  • Eyes Pain
  • Double the vision
  • Vision colour alternation
  • Eye swelling
  • Do not discharge through your eyes
  • Headaches can range from mild to severe
  • Hair growth enhancement
  • Itching or burning sensations in the eyes
  • Pain in eyes
  • Eye swelling

Contact your eye specialist immediately if you have any of the above-mentioned adversaries or for a prolonged time.

Precautions needed while using Careprost Eye Drops

Careprost eyelash growth serums can only be used externally.

  • Use the dose as per the doctor’s prescription
  • Person having allergies to Bimatoprost or any other ingredients is not advised for its usage.
  • Pregnant or nursing women should not use careprost eye solution.
  • Before you use the drug, make sure to read the label and description.
  • If a person applies contact lenses, they must first take off the Contact lenses before using them. After 15 minutes, apply the eye drops again.

Looking To Buy Careprost Online

Online shopping is gaining popularity among consumers. There’s no reason to visit traditional shops when one can shop online. Careprost allows you to take this medicine from with ease and at a reasonable price as this one is approved by FDA.

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