The popularity of lash serum has led to reports of its negative consequences. Perhaps more unsettling is the fact that certain lash serums really alter the colour of your eyes.

Are eye colour changes possible with lash serums?

lash serums If never wished you were born with long, fluttery eyelashes, you’re in luck. Lash serums are a trendy new beauty product.

When used regularly, lash serum claims to lengthen, darken, and thicken your lashes like no other lash enhancer.

Do these claims seem too wonderful to be true? The popularity of lash serum has led to reports of its negative consequences. Perhaps more unsettling is the fact that certain lash serums really alter the colour of your eyes.

Eyelash serums: do they alter eye colour?

Beautiful eyes benefit from long, thick lashes. That’s a reality that can’t be ignored. Mascara, adhesive and magnetic fake lashes, eyelash extensions, and other methods of lash enhancement have all been explored throughout the years.

Furthermore, one of the most recent innovations in this area is lash serums, which cannot be overlooked.

What Unfortunate Events Led to the Creation of Lash Serum?

Allergan, a pharmaceutical firm, created a medicated eye drop in 2001 to treat glaucoma and high IOP.

Many people using this drug saw their eyelashes become longer, thicker, and darker as a result of using it.

As a result, the business decided to focus its research on bimatoprost, the medication’s main component, with the express goal of increasing lash growth.

In December 2008, after a clinical trial examining its safety and efficacy for lash growth, the FDA gave Latisse the green light.

The only Lash serum that has been clinically tested, shown to be effective, and authorised by the FDA is now available. Latisse is the name of this item.

Latisse has been shown to increase the length of already present lashes and to promote the development of lash-less hair follicles.

Thus, it is genuine and effective.

Unfortunately, there is a catch.

A tube is not something you can just pick up at the corner pharmacy. Unless your doctor writes you a prescription, you won’t be able to get Latisse.

Latisse Lash Serum is only available with a doctor’s prescription.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled that this substance may be used as an eyelash growth serum, notwithstanding the potential for adverse effects or injury from incorrect usage. They also made it so that doctors had to prescribe it. If they had been confident in its safety, it would already be available as an OTC medication.

Can you tell me about the potential hazards and negative effects? Is there any truth to the rumour that using eyelash serum caused my eyes to turn blue? Then why not use any of the various lash serums available? Would you say that they are equivalent?

Surely, you’re thinking, there must be more than one lash serum brand available. They sell them in the drugstore where I get my cosmetics, and I know I can get them online.

How come I can get those lash serums without a doctor’s note? Could you tell me whether these are safer?

With only Latisse, you can get your hands on an FDA-approved lash serum. The other lash serums may promise to make your lashes seem longer and thicker, but they cannot really help your lashes grow longer.

They haven’t been shown to work in that capacity.

Because they are not authorised by the Food and Drug Administration and are considered “beauty products” rather than “drugs,” the manufacturers of these serums are not required to report any adverse reactions to their consumers.

Ingredients in Eyelash Enhancing Serum

Based on the primary constituents, lash serums may be divided into three groups:

  • chemically similar to prostaglandins.
  • Based on peptides
  • Nutritional supplements that rely on vitamins

Activated bimatoprost is what makes Latisse lash serum effective. Bimatoprost belongs to the family of medicines known as prostaglandin analogues, which bind to receptors for prostaglandins.

The anagen, or growth, phase of the hair cycle is lengthened, and the proportion of hairs in this phase is increased, both of which contribute to the lash enhancer’s efficacy.

The size of the hair bulb may also be augmented by prostaglandin analogues. Ultimately, this causes the hair to lengthen and thicken.

Do eyelash serums cause eye damage?

Unfortunately, there are certain serious risks associated with the active chemicals (prostaglandin mimics) that promote lash growth.

Prostaglandins are a class of inflammatory cytokines produced spontaneously by the body in almost all of its tissues.

Eye irritation, including swollen lids, redness, stinging, and watering, is a common side effect of products containing prostaglandins, which are included in lash serums.

Permanent dry eye disease may be brought on by the use of prostaglandin analogues, which work by increasing inflammation in and around the eye.

Prostaglandin analogues have been linked to persistent irritation as well as a darkening of the iris colour in those with light brown or hazel eyes. They may also darken the skin around the eyes, which may give the illusion of a sunken eye.

Remember that manufacturers of OTC lash serums like genuine Careprost are under no obligation to disclose any potential risks associated with their products.

If you bought a lash serum from at the pharmacy or online and it contains any of the above-mentioned active ingredients but it doesn’t say so on the label, you should still be aware of the potential risks.

Can you alter your eye colour with eyelash serum?

They can, in fact, alter your eye colour. Using a substance with a prostaglandin analogue as its active component may permanently alter the iris’s natural pigmentation.

This development occurs gradually over time. It might take a number of months of utilising the serum before you see any results. It will be too late by that time.

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