Is using eyelash serum safe during pregnancy?

Is using eyelash serum safe During pregnancy?

Almost everyone would benefit from having their eyelashes grow out and darken. You may be wondering whether there is a pregnancy-safe lash serum that genuinely helps to plump up thinning lashes if you are a dedicated user or contemplating buying a lash serum (or if you can keep using the lash serum you have).

There are a number of substances often used in lash serums that are not safe for use during pregnancy, as is the case with many other types of skin care products (from moisturizers to acne treatments). And here’s a spoiler: It’s important to assess the things you’re using while pregnant, but you probably won’t change anything.

Will using a Lash serum really improve your lashes?

There’s a sense that the promise of lash serums is too wonderful to be true. The serum is applied to the lash line after cleansing the face (it often comes in a tube with a small brush, making it easier to apply), and the results may be seen gradually over time.

Some lash serums are more beneficial than others. Several scientific investigations have show that Generic Latisse successfully increases the length, thickness, and blackness of the eyelashes. “And there are clinical studies supporting that,” Dr. Suzanne Friedler, M.D., F.A.A.D., of Advanced Dermatology PC, told Romper. Probably not; however, they can improve the condition of your lashes in general. As with conditioners, many of them include just basic oils that lubricate and coat the lash hairs.

In addition, she says, several products may help you get longer lashes since they include growth elements. Similar to hormones, the growth factors included in lash serums, such as prostaglandin analogs, maintain hair in the androgen (or growth) phase; therefore, continued use of these treatments may lead to increased growth over time.

Dr. Marina Peredo, a board-certified dermatologist, agrees, noting, “Lash serums do help in general.” You may use them to grow your lashes out and make them thicker.


Can I use lash serum without risking the health of my unborn child?


Most lash serums are not regulated or evaluated, so the consequences on a pregnant woman and her unborn child are unclear, hence experts advise against using them. Instead of using a powerful lash serum, you might try a 100% castor oil conditioner instead.

Friedler advises expecting mothers to “do less and enjoy it more.” It’s OK to use an oil-based solution; the Majestic brand even offers a moisturizing 100% castor oil eyelash serum. Castor oil, a vegetable oil extracted from beans, has not been shown in tests to stimulate hair growth. However, it is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids and acts as a natural emollient, so giving it a try probably won’t do any harm.


Can I use Latisse lash serum when pregnant?

To get Latisse, a prescription is required; however, if you are not pregnant or nursing, you may obtain a prescription via the online health service, Rory, by answering a few easy questions.

The body already produces growth factors that lead to hair development, so despite Friedler’s advice not to take Latisse or growth factors, you probably wouldn’t need them anyway. A woman’s hair will naturally thicken, darken, and become shinier during pregnancy because of the increased supply of growth factors in her blood.

Since greater levels of estrogen and androgen hormones prevent hair from shedding during pregnancy, it gives the illusion of thicker hair even if new growth is not occurring. Both eyebrows and eyelashes fall within this category. In the postpartum period, you are more likely to have hair loss and sparse eyelashes (fun). Also, Dr. Friedler believes that a castor oil eyelash serum is OK to use while nursing, but that you should avoid Latisse and other products containing growth agents.

It has not been investigated in pregnant women, but the FDA has classified Latisse as “Category C,” which means that the drug has shown teratogenic effects in mice and rats when given in high doses (for ethical reasons).


Is it safe to use Superlash serums?

Since the eyelids contain the skin’s thinnest layer and the eyes are the body’s most sensitive organ, care must always be taken to protect them.

As a pregnant woman or new mother, your number one goal should be to ensure the well-being of both you and your child. Some meals, drinks, activities, and even cosmetics may need to be avoided. Like other types of skincare products, such as moisturizers and acne treatments, lash serums are not safe to use during pregnancy. In this article, we asked two dermatologists about the safety of using lash serums while pregnant. You should undoubtedly reevaluate the items you rely on throughout the pregnancy, but here’s a spoiler: You won’t.

  • Choose natural eyelash conditioners.

Eyelash serums made from synthetic chemicals are not a safe option, but those made from plant-based compounds are. To avoid irritation, choose a hypoallergenic, mild formula that has been approved by a dermatologist for use on the eye area. Parabens, growth hormones, and other nasties aren’t included in EVEDARE Eyelash Serum. Natural plant ingredients inside the formula keep your eyelashes moist and nourished.

  • Investigate the eyelash serum’s packaging.

Checking the label for the eyelash serum’s components is a must. You should know that this drug has the potential to enter your breast milk and eventually reach your child.

Were you wondering if there was any consensus on whether or not lash serums posed any health risks?


Being selective about the lash serum like Bimatoprost you use is a smart idea regardless of your pregnancy status because of the proximity of the eyes to the product. Friedler tells Romper that the skin on our eyelids is the thinnest and most delicate on our bodies and that certain lash serums include substances that may be irritating. It may cause hyperpigmentation and itchiness or redness of the eyelids in those with darker skin tones. Use extreme caution if testing out a new lash product.

If you’re pregnant or have just given birth and feel like your lashes could use some help, consider applying a little bit of 100% castor oil or to your lash lines before bed (though you risk getting some on your pillows).

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