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How to Get Beautiful Eyelashes and Attractive at a Wedding?

How to Get Beautiful Eyelashes and Attractive at a Wedding?

  Why are long Eyelashes attractive? Longer Eyelashes make your eyes look big Your eyes may appear larger than they are with longer eyelashes, creating the illusion of larger pupils. Additionally, longer lashes give off an air of openness and awareness, giving off a wider, more expressive look overall. If the question of How to […]

How To Make Your Longer eyelashes

How to Make Your Eyelashes Longer

We all desire a beautiful lash line, but not everyone wants to wear artificial lashes every day to get it. Fortunately, this isn’t necessary. There are a slew of simple methods for lengthening and strengthening your natural eyelashes. You should have a look at these. Oils What if we told you that the health benefits […]

How to Overcome High Eye Pressure?

How to Overcome High Eye Pressure

High eye pressure is when the eye cannot drain the excess aqueous humour through its trabecular meshwork. Your optometrist can perform routine eye exams and pressure test on your eyes to detect signs of vision loss. Glaucoma is the most serious risk from elevated intraocular pressure that goes untreated. This can cause significant vision loss […]