Natural ways to lower eye pressure

Natural ways to lower eye pressure

Glaucoma is a common eye disease today. So if you’ve been diagnosed with glaucoma, your eye pressure is definitely high. Unfortunately, glaucoma is an eye disease that affects huge amount of population. According to the research, more than three million Americans are suffering from the glaucoma, but only half percentages are aware about it.

You should remember that untreated glaucoma may lead serious problem including blindness. According to the report of the research on glaucoma, this is the second leading cause worldwide that usually bring the blindness.

So it is a condition that you should take seriously, as it worse with age. If you haven’t yet been diagnosed with any eye disease including glaucoma, you should learn more about it. Especially if you are diabetic or having a family history of glaucoma or pre-existing any vision problems these conditions make more likely to develop glaucoma.

What is Glaucoma ?

If you have high blood pressure or have high intraocular pressure, you will have glaucoma in the future. Glaucoma is usually created in the eye by high intraocular eye pressure. Not only that high pressure can damages the optic nerves as well as leads to the different symptoms of glaucoma a loss of peripheral vision and create the blurry vision.

Exercise and proper workout

The lifestyle changes is one of the vital way to decrease the possibilities of glaucoma by reducing the eye pressure. But you need to do the right amount of yoga and exercise every day, as it can make the significant impact on your overall body.

A slim body allows you to defend against various types of health disorders, including glaucoma. According to the research more than 50% chance of high eye pressure or other different types of health disorder for people who have excessive weight than a slim and trim individuals. So acquiring a proper weight can prevent the various health issues problem including glaucoma.

Actually enough exercise and yoga is the main responsible to improve blood flow in different part of the body that is really extremely important for achieving strong vision. It can also improving blood pressure on the eye. if you want to reduce the eye pressure then you can use careprost eye drops which is available at site. The Weight-bearing exercise effectively decreases the chances of glaucoma. Increasing eye pressure is the main cause of the eye disease which you need to lower down.

Taking healthy diet

 Food directly makes a big impact on overall body function. So taking improper food can high the eye pressure. Nutrients like vitamins C, E and A rich Fruits, vegetables, and whole grain and also fishes play an important role in lower down the eye pressure. You have to remember that eating less amount of red meat and refined grains is always best way to lower down the eye pressure.

Getting proper sleep

Low-quality sleep is a significant cause of various health disorders. A research journal has revealed that sleep has a complex relationship with eye pressure. They point out that the better the sleep can decrease the eye pressure and offer the healthy eye pressure. You can also use doctor’s recommend super lash bimatoprost to reduce the eye pressure. Ample of sleep always make your body free from various types of the issue so quality sleep help to remove different toxin from your body that offer the healthy eye pressure. So it is best to treat the Glaucoma.

Stress and anxiety reduction

Stress and anxiety are significant issues worldwide that make different types of difficulties like high eye pressure. WHO says this problem is estimated as the second serious health condition in 2020. If you have glaucoma, first you have to focus on managing the stress and anxiety through proper therapy and counseling.

Reduce Carbohydrates consumption

We know that very well that there is the direct link between insulin levels and carbohydrates or sugar that you are taking daily. It also connected with eye pressure. If you have high insulin, so your eye pressure can be increased. So it is better option to reduce the consumption of such type of foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrate level such as sweets, sodas, starches, and bread. If your optometrist does not inform you, you need to search in internet what is good for eye pressure. You have decrease the consumption of excessively sweet things.

Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins and supplements play an essential role for various health disorders; it is also true for high eye pressure. It can help to improve the blood flow level in the body. Most medical practitioners desire to prescribe the particular vitamin or natural supplements and prescribe it to their patients than other drugs. The adequate vitamin and supplements for decreasing high pressure include DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone, Vitamin A, D and C.


Limiting or stop Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant and can cause temporary and long-term health problem including high eye pressure. The eye nervous system can be effected with heavy alcohol consumption so eye pressure can be increased, causing it to function less efficiently.

Quit Smoking

For many men with erectile dysfunction, quitting smoking can be an excellent remedy for ED. It is especially true if your ED is caused by a vascular disease that causes a blockage or narrowing of the arteries, resulting in limited blood supply to the penis and EDR. Smoking and tobacco products can constrict blood vessels and harm your sex capacity. Mainly nicotine is a type of substance that may enhance erectile dysfunction, so you stop taking the tobacco, which can prevent ED.

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