Lumigan 0.01

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Active IngredientsBimatoprost
IndicationEyelashes Growth, Glaucoma, Ocular Hypertension
ManufacturerAllergan India Pvt Ltd
Packaging3ml Bottle
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    Lumigan 0.01
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    Lumigan 0.01 is an ophthalmic solution useful in the treatment of pressure reduction in glaucoma patients’ eyes. It helps control the high pressure in the eyes of these patients. When the pressure in the eyes is extreme to the extent of harming the eyesight and even causing blindness, this fluid plays a vital role by flowing into the blood via the inside of the eyes. 

    Lumigan 0.01 can also be used in combination with other eye medications to control and cause a reduction of growing pressure in the eyes. It is categorized as a bimatoprost medicine and is useful for patients suffering from ocular hypertension and open-angle glaucoma. 

    Uses of Lumigan 0.01

    When the optic nerve is damaged resulting from an abnormal increase in eye pressure, the condition is called Glaucoma. When this condition is not treated within time, it may cause vision problems and blindness. 

    Rainbow-colored visibility and blurred vision along with pain in the eyes are some of the symptoms of Glaucoma stepping into its advanced stage. When ocular hypertension persists beyond control, it can cause Glaucoma. This condition can be treated with ophthalmic solutions like Lumigan 0.03

    Benefits of Lumigan 0.01

    It is an ophthalmic solution in the category of medicines identified as prostaglandin analog. It can help reduce the pressure in the patient’s eyes by allowing the fluid to flow via the inner parts of the eyes straight into the bloodstream. It should be taken exactly as prescribed by the doctor; only then can patients fetch maximum benefits once they buy Lumigan. 

    Side effects 

    Most of the side effects of Lumigan Australia are not risky and usually go away on their own with the body’s process of adjusting to the doses of this medicine. Medical intervention is required if the symptoms worsen. 

    • Itching in eyes
    • Conjunctival hyperemia
    • Red eyes
    • Inflammation
    • Long eyelashes
    • Dark color of skin surrounding eyes
    • Dry eyes

    A few severe side effects are:

    • Tiredness of eyes
    • Light sensitivity 
    • Eyelids swelling 
    • The increased amount of tear production
    • Blurred vision
    • Loss of Eyelash

    How to use Lumigan 0.01?

    It should be taken as directed by an expert physician. Lumigan ophthalmic solution is strictly for ophthalmic use and is designed for external use only. Hands should be washed before putting their drops into the affected eyes of the patient. Press the corner of your eyes after closing them soon after putting the drops safely. There are chances for contamination in patients using this medicine hence the tip of the dropper should never be touched. Another eye medicine should be used only after 5 minutes. 

    Proper dose and duration will be advised by a physician and it largely depends on age, medical condition, and body weight. Stopping the use of this medicine without consultation may reverse the patient back to the original condition of experiencing high pressure in the eyes.

    Contradictions of Lumigan 0.01

    • Patients allergic to any medicine that has Bimatoprost as its active ingredient must avoid generic Lumigan 0.01.
    • Patients allergic to benzalkonium chloride should also avoid Lumigan eye drops.
    • Prostaglandins ophthalmic medications such as unoprostone, latanoprost, travoprost, and tafluprost interact with generic lumigan.
    • Patients using products including vitamins and aspirin or any other similar eye drops must inform their doctor. 

    Disease interactions 

    Patients with kidney and liver problems and eye inflammation must be careful.

    • Patients with a history of cataract surgery, dry eyes, cornea, viral infections, and contact lens problems must report to the doctor. 
    • Patients with macular edema, kidney problems, and uveitis must consult a doctor. 
    • It is not recommended for use in pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers unless considered to be extremely necessary. Discuss your condition with a trusted physician. 

    Precautions and warnings 

    • It can interact with some non-prescription medicines and may not work well with all types of nutritional supplements, herbal products, and vitamins.
    • Contact lenses are advised to be removed before putting in the eye drops and only after 15 minutes should one put the lenses back.
    • Constant use of this medicine may change the appearance of the eyelashes and the appearance of skin around the eyes. Severe problems should be reported.
    • This Ophthalmic medicine is capable of causing some visual disturbances like blurred vision temporarily hence activities like driving should be avoided. 
    • Patients should be careful about contamination or the growth of bacterial keratitis. The cover of the bottle needs to be closed after the administration and the dropper tip should not be touched at all. 
    • Use of this medicine in elderly patients must be administered carefully and under expert supervision but with proper use, lumigan 0.01 Reviews have always been positive. 


    Missed dose: Take it as soon as you are reminded about a missed dose. If it is going to be time for the next dose, better to avoid it.

    Overdose: Administering more than the dosage prescribed can be counted as an overdose. It is strictly for external use and overdose can cause vision problems. 

    Where to buy Lumigan 0.01 from?

    Lumigan 0.01 is a medicine for a sensitive part of the body – the eye. Eye drops should be purchased carefully from reliable online pharmacies where you can get safe, secure, and all FDA-approved medications for eyecare. Buy Lumigan online on Carepost. co which is one such trusted pharmacy where you get all essential eyecare details including Lumigan price and so on. 


    Can the use of Lumigan 0.01 lead to dry eyes?

    Dry eyes are one of its many side effects. In case of dry eyes, it should be washed often with water. Plenty of juices, water, and fluids need to be consumed. Eye lubricant can be suggested for severe cases.

    Can other eye medicines or drops be used alongside?

    Other eye drops and medicines that do not share the same ingredients can be used but after a gap of 5 minutes of administration. 

    How does Lumigan 0.01 ophthalmic fluid work?

    It contains Bimatoprost which is also identified as a prostaglandin analogue. The major aim of this medicine is to treat the high pressure in the eyes of patients suffering from Glaucoma. It enhances the production of the eye fluid called aqueous humor and helps reduce eye pressure significantly. 

    Is alcoholism bad for Lumigan 0.01 consumption?

    Alcohol has not been known to cause any severe problems in patients taking Lumigan 0.01 in their eyes. However, it is best advised to discuss the same with your doctor. 




    4 reviews for Lumigan 0.01

    1. Alanna Jenkins

      Lumigan 0.01 can be buy from site. I placed an order and received product package 8 days. I carefully researched the sources, but did not research the side affects or reaction from using this eye drops.

    2. Arizona Stewart

      I have been using this product for quite a few times and have gotten great results. I love this product and it is so reasonably priced.

    3. Georgia Allen

      surprising delivery service, Generic brands are just as good as the Main Brand. Thanks for your wonderful service!!

    4. Malia

      My eyelashes are now more noticeable as they have become longer and thicker.

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