Latisse Eyelash Serum Reviews -

Latisse Eyelash Serum Reviews –

Latisse is a popular prescription eye solution that most doctors prescribe. Its main function is to help the lashes become thicker and fuller. This serum is applied from the base to the tip of the eyelid using a unique applicator. However, you should note that it cannot be applied to the lower eyelid or between the eyes.

What is Latisse?

Latisse is mainly used to treat Hypothyroidism and Glaucoma. Hypotrichosis is the medical term for the health condition that can create inadequate or short lashes.

Latisse is a high-quality eyelash serum whose main ingredient is Bimatoprost. It is also called Glaucoma eye drop. The FDA approved this eye solution in 2001. If you are taking this eye serum due to glaucoma, ophthalmologists and their patients notice that the entire length of eyelashes increases after a few days of use.

In December 2008, the FDA approved Latisse for eyelash enhancement medicine, also used in glaucoma treatment. Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy and Mandy Moore are also known to use Latisse to enhance eyelashes. Brooke Shields and Claire Danes also used the machine among its advertising spokespersons.

How does Latisse work?

There is no definitive evidence of how Latisse makes lashes long, thick, and dark, but it is thought to be a side effect of this machine.

Normally the longevity of the eyelashes is not too high. These germinate like hair on the head, grow at a specific timer, and eventually fall off. But not all eyelash quality is the same. No one has Long and Thick Eyelashes from birth. Again, someone has fewer eyelashes. Latisse extends the eyelash growth stage and increases the number of sprouted hairs.

You cannot apply Latisse serum to the upper lash disinfectant every night. An applicator can only be used once and then discarded. You cannot use the applicator again.

Latisse needs to be applied very carefully so that it cannot be used in other areas of skin as it encourages hair growth also on other skin areas.

After two months of regular use, it may start to provide results. After using the three or four months, your doctor may recommend reducing the eye serum dose like once every two days.

Don’t stop using Latisse suddenly; then, the eyelashes will quickly return to their original state.

Study shows after 16 weeks of using the Latisse:

  • length of the Eyelash increased up to 25%
  • The thickness and fullness of the lashes increased more than 106%
  • The darkness of the lashes increased up to 18%

How does it better work?

  • Once you receive the eye solution, the first thing that you need to do is check the medicine’s expiry date. It allows you to ensure that the product is completely ready for use.
  • First, you have to clean your overall face. Then you need to dap the face with a clean towel and make it dry.
  • Then you need to remove contact lenses and eye makeup; all types of skincare products or medicine can work best before bedtime.
  • After this, take the bottle, shake the solution present well and then open its cap to use it.
  • So before going to bed, you need to take the Latisse on your eye to get the best result.
  • Remember to use the serum for the lower lash line because it automatically spreads to your overall lash after blinking your eye.

Is there a medication to thicken eyelashes?

Bimatoprost is considered the best medicine for thickening the Eyelash – the name Latisse is available in the market. It is the best medicine used by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat inadequate lashes (hypothyroidism). Bimatoprost online is another brand name marketed under the name Lumigan. It is also used as a prescription drug to treat glaucoma, like Latisse. However, the additional increase in lashes was an unexpected side effect of Lumigan, which led to the manufacture and marketing of Latisse.

Possible Latisse side effects

Prior to FDA approval, it has been clinically researched and proven to be effective and safe for most people.

But, you cannot use the Latisse if you have

  • uveitis or conjunctivitis
  • macular edema
  • severe allergies or infections on your upper eyelids
  • pregnant or breastfeeder

The active ingredient in Latisse is Bimatoprost which helps to reduce the pressure inside the eye. If you are taking any other stress-relieving medication for ocular hypertension or glaucoma, you should consult your doctor before using Latisse.

Some common side effects of Latisse

  • Eye redness,
  • itchiness
  • Dry eyes
  • skin darkening around your eyes

The lattice manufacturer said that using lattice can cause permanent brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye, which is another possible side effect.

If you experience any side effects while using Latisse, be sure to tell your doctor. Also, report vision problems, eye infections, or allergies. Or, if you are planning to have eye surgery shortly, be sure to let the specialist know.

Where to buy Latisse

Latisse is a pharmaceutical drug that is used as a prescription and non-prescription medicine; it is not a cosmetic.

You should know if your doctor has the proper knowledge about Latisse or not. Eye doctors, cosmetic surgeons, and dermatologists have more likely knowledgeable about the drug and its availability.

They can make you know about its all potential effects and side effects. The best way to Buy Latisse is an online medicine store like Careprost.Co. It is a reliable and trusted store where you can get the medicine at a reasonable price.

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