Does Vaseline Help Your Eyelashes Grow? 

Does Vaseline Help Your Eyelashes Grow? 

Eyes have been the most important as well as mysterious part of the human body. The eyes have the capacity to express human emotion. In this matter, eyelashes play an essential role behind them. You cannot keep your gorgeousness when you don’t have proper eyelashes.

If you want the eyelash like film stars and models, you can use natural remedies to get longer, darker, and fuller eyelashes. The report states that Vaseline is one of the incredible and stunning natural eyelash enhancers without facing any problem. Apart from Vaseline, you can use Careprost eyelashes. If you Buy Careprost, you can get the perfect result. Available in different brand names Careprost is considered the best eye serum treating glaucoma and eyelash fall.

Is Vaseline perfect for eyebrow growth?

If you are finding the natural ways for the growth of your eyelash, then Vaseline may help you to survive.

What Does Vaseline Do to increase Eye Strain?

Before using Vaseline, you should know that it does not lengthen your lashes but helps to keep them hydrated by retaining moisture. As a result, the lash does not break or collapse. So Vaseline can prevent this problem. Vaseline is a very mild product that often looks thick when applied to your eyelash.

TIP: If you decide to use Vaseline to improve the quality of your natural lashes (never with lash extensions!), you must first wash your hands and face thoroughly and then apply it. This method reduces the chances of dirt or bacteria getting stuck in the lashes thus preventing skin reactions, breakouts, or other infections.

Benefits of Using the Vaseline

You can get various benefits after using Vaseline on your eyelashes and eyelids.


Vaseline is one of the budget-friendly ways to get thick and long eyelashes, especially when you compare it with other pricy skincare products.

Healthier-looking lashes

You have to make a thin coat of Vaseline at the base of the eyelashes or the lash tips that may help give it a thicker and fuller appearance.

Low chance of reaction

If you have sensitive skin and often suffer from the skin conditions like blepharitis or dermatitis of the eyelids, you can easily use Vaseline to remove the problem.

If you have an eye infection, do not use it alone. Before using it, talk to an eye specialist, as this product is not entirely sterile. When applying it to the eyelashes, you have to use cotton, not fingers.

Vaseline is safe to use on the eyes’ skin, and lashes do not cause any problems So it can be the ideal choice for people who are sensitive to different products.

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Seals in moisture

Vaseline is a unique binding substance that can create a layer on the skin’s surface that retains moisture, leaving the skin very well hydrated and healthy. It means it is a very beneficial substance for very dry skin.

Vaseline provides similar benefits to the lashes, preventing the lashes from becoming dry. There is some journal evidence that this substance is very beneficial for dry eyes.

Simpler skincare routine

It proves that Vaseline is an effective substance that retains moisture to moisturize both the skin of the eyelids and the lashes, so you only need this product to get thick lashes.

In addition to retaining moisture in the skin, lashes, and hair, a journal published in 1992 found that Vaseline can penetrate the inner layer of the skin, the outer layer known as the stratum corneum.

However, since Vaseline acts as an insulator, it sits nicely on the skin. It is an effective substance as a face or eye moisturizer before applying makeup.

If you use Vaseline for eyelid care, you will need to remove makeup first and then apply it before bed.

Pairs with other products

Vaseline is a perfect product that moisturizes your skin and eyelash with dry skin than any other skincare product.

How to use it?

  1. However, there is a specific way to apply Vaseline to the eyelids, which you need to maintain:
  2.  First, make sure there is no dirt under your nails. So hands should be washed well. This will help you to keep the eyelids and lashes free of bacteria.
  3.  Then you need to clean the eyelids gently and well to make sure it is free from mascara, liner, etc., before use.
  4. Then apply a small amount of Vaseline on the lashes with clean cotton.
  5. Gently apply the entire Vaseline to the upper and lower eyelids at the end.
  6. After that, you have to use the other side of the cotton. You need to apply a small amount of Vaseline again slowly to your eyelashes. You can apply the product in the blink of an eye. This way, it will cover your entire eyelid line very nicely. You need to cover it twice or thrice to get the best results. If you do this in the evening or before bed, there will probably be a residue of Vaseline for the next almost all day. In this case, you need to gently wipe with makeup remover or with a clean cotton swab and warm water.

If you feel uncomfortable with a thick Vaseline layer, you should thin the layer. If it gets inside the eye, it can blur the vision. If for some reason, this happens, you need to use eye drops to restore the comfort of your eyes.

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