Best Oil for Eyelash Growth and Thickness

Best Oil for Eyelash Growth and Thickness

Do you want to have big eyelashes? The use of oils is becoming quite popular for getting strong and dark lashes. We can make them big with mascara or curling tools and use eyelash extensions by applying glue to the eye. Now, it is high time to give some relief to them. If you want your eyelashes to grow thick, stronger, and longer then you can also use nourishing oils. The oil strengthens follicles and promotes the growth of the lashes.

Best oils for your eyelashes

Many oils can be applied to eyelashes for making them attractive. I am discussing various oil that helps to increase your beauty. Many oils offer nutrition and it is fine to apply to the eye. The essential oils are derived from plant sources and are concentrated. They offer benefits but they can’t be applied to the eyelashes. The oils are mentioned below:

Castor oil

Individuals use castor oil for a long time to increase eyelashes. Also, in ancient times Egypt used to rub it on the scalp to prevent baldness. It is a thick viscous oil that is rich in omega 6 fatty acids, proteins, and Vitamin E that nourish follicles. The castor oil is quite good for hair and must be applied to the roots. If you clean your face with castor oil then you will get thick and strong eyelashes. The castor oil can be applied and let remain on the lashes overnight. The outcome can be seen just after a few weeks and you will feel happy with thick eyelashes. It provides nutrition and prevents the shedding of an eyelash. You can also wipe out the extra oil from the face.

Coconut oil

The eyelashes are quite important for you. The good smell of oil helps to hydrate the lashes. It comes with light consistency as compared to castor oil. It does not weigh down the lashes. Coconut oil is the best remedy for strong eyelashes. It removes impurities and stimulates regrowth. The coconut has good absorption and is light in weight. The coconut oil can be applied to lashes with a brush that will keep them moisturized.

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Emu oil

It is one of the perfect oil for the natural growth of eyelashes. It provides nourishment to the lashes so that it becomes stronger and fuller. The Emu oil get penetrate hair follicles and produce hair. It is of great oil for hair, skin, and eyelashes.

Burdock oil

This oil is widely used in Chinese medicine but is not known to the world. Burdock root is a natural ingredient that is on the list of many hair loss solutions or shampoos.

Almond oil

It is an important oil that promotes growth. It is a storehouse of Vitamin E, monosaturated fats, calcium, and magnesium. The eyelashes get moisturized and promote growth. Also, it prevents the lashes from shedding.

Olive oil

It is a natural oil that is widely used in cooking. It is used for years that make the skin soft, promote hair growth, and condition hair. It also moisturizes lashes and prevents shedding.

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How you can use the best oil for eyelashes?

I am discussing the easy way to apply oil to your lashes.

You have to remove the eye make-up before the application of oil on the lashes. You can put a drop of oil on cotton and wipe the eye make-up. You can place the hands down and place the oil on the lashes. The oils are the best way to remove your eye makeup. You will get the nourishment.

When not to use oil?

The oil for your lashes is one of the perfect things. However, don’t use oil when you have worn eyelash extensions. The oil makes the glue weak holding the extensions and hastens the process of losing extensions. So, if you have put eyelash extensions on your eye then don’t apply oil to the lashes. You can skip the oil and use Careprost.

Advantages of Castor Oil

It can also be used as a food additive and skincare product. It is also used as a conditioning agent

  • Increase lashes and eyebrows- The growth can be increased with the right application of castor oil. You can apply it with a mascara brush. Similarly, apply oil as mascara. You must not use it in extra quantity as it leads to blurring of the vision. The eyelash becomes soft and thick.
  • Get healthy and shiny lashes- The castor oil makes your eyes attractive and healthy. It is a natural oil that will give the desired result.
  • Moisturize rough skin- The castor oil helps to moisturize the skin. The oil can be applied to the dry skin which makes a layer on the skin and locks moisture. It makes your skin fresh and soft.
  • Condition the cuticles- You can condition nails by applying castor oil.

How to apply castor oil on the lashes?

You can do the patch test in case of sensitive skin. The individuals mix castor oil with other oil for achieving better results. You can clean your eyes with water. Then you can put a cotton swab in the bottle and apply it to the lashes. Remove the excess and ensure that oil drops must not go into the eye. You can apply it at bedtime and wash it in the morning.


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