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Onion Juice For Eyebrows or Eyelashes | Careprost.co

To maintain healthy brows, treat them with the same kind of attention you would your skin or hair. Our eyebrows play an important part in our daily lives. Despite the fact that many women want flawlessly sculpted eyebrows, not all women are blessed with that luxury. However, we’re here to provide some home-based answers to your dilemma. You’ll find the answer to your difficulty by using an onion. This is an easy-to-find kitchen staple that’s packed with nutrients and helpful for promoting healthy brow development.

Onion Oil may be used in three different ways.

  1. Onion oil
  2. Onion juice
  3. Onion serum

Onion oil:

Essential for hair development, this is a must-have component. Instead of using chemical-based products, consider switching to onion oil. In addition, you save money by using something you already have in your home.


You will require the below mentioned items to make this kind of oil:

Coconut oil in the quantity of around four tablespoons.

An onion of middling or modest size


This oil can be made in a jiffy using this method. Peel the onion, cut and slice it. Then add four tablespoons of coconut oil to the chopped onions and toss them together. If you don’t want to use coconut oil, you may add castor or more beneficial olive oil. However, only use extra virgin coconut oil if you must use coconut oil. Then, over a medium heat, watch to see whether the onion changes color. Allow it to cool for a few minutes before re-igniting. Put a few drops of oil on your fingers and massage your brows for a few minutes with it after storing it in a clean bottle. It’s OK to leave it for a few days. The following day, wash it off thoroughly. For the greatest results, you must use this for a full month.


  • This oil will aid in the growth of thicker and stronger eyebrows by increasing blood flow to the area.
  • You may use coconut oil to strengthen your hair’s roots.
  • Helps moisturize and condition your hair as well.

Onion juice:

It’s an extra beneficial choice you can make. The fastest way to develop thicker brow hair is using raw onion juice. There are no cons of this method.


You’ll need the following:

One medium onion, optionally infused with peppermint essential oil



This is another option for resolving your issue. Onion juice preparation is a breeze. Remove the cover and wash it well. Make a smooth paste by chopping it into cubes and pulverizing it. Add peppermint essential oil and extract the juice from the paste. Take a round cotton ball. Gradually apply the onion juice to your eyebrows with the aid of it. Let it sit for at least one night. Rinse the juice with plain water first thing in the morning after it has been stored overnight. For best results, apply this approach twice a week.


  • This drink will assist to decrease hair loss and to strengthen the hair that is already brittle.
  • Hair follicles are nourished as a result, aiding in hair growth.
  • Adding peppermint oil to your daily routine might help alleviate stress and promote hair development.
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Serum of Onion

Finally, if you’re looking for an alternative to your high-priced beauty products, this is the best solution for you! If you combine it with aloe vera gel, the results will be astounding. You can take Careprost eyelash serum for long eyelashes.


You’ll need the following:

Aloe vera gel, about two teaspoons worth

For a lovely fragrance, lavender is an important ingredient.

Onion juice in the amount of one tablespoon

Face pack with onion aloe vera gel


A few minutes of your time is all that is required to make this delicious dish. To begin, combine the ingredients listed above and apply the mixture to your brows, letting it sit for a few minutes. Basically, there are two ways to use this product: either leave it on for 30 minutes, or keep it on overnight for optimal results. Not the sticky one: this serum You should use this three times a week to achieve the greatest results.


  • Both onion sulfur and aloenin from aloe vera aid in hair development.
  • An abundance of nutrients in aloe vera aids in the development of eyebrow hair, as well as the health of the hair on the head.

Listed here are pretty quick and easy pezy solutions you may use around the house.

If you’re too busy at work or at home, you may put these products in a cool spot and utilise them whenever you’d like. Because all ladies deserve a great appearance with confidence that will define them, use these easy-to-make natural DIY items to achieve a thick, beautiful eyebrow in only a few days.

Other ways to get fuller brows include:

  • Egg yolk;

How to get thicker brows with only egg yolks?

A lack of keratin, which includes the hair on the eyebrows, may cause hair loss. Hair loss or, in this example, thinning eyebrows are side effects of the protein’s synthesis. Biotin, a hair-loving chemical found in egg yolks, is a great way to boost brow hair growth! Over the course of two months, utilizing the following treatment twice a week will significantly improve the appearance and density of your brows.

Egg yolks may be used as an eyebrow filler:

  • Separate the yolk from the egg whites in step one.
  • Beat the egg. Apply the egg yolk to your eyebrows with a clean Q-tip. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, take this therapy with caution, since egg yolk might be comedogenic.
  • For maximum results, wash it off after 15- 20 minutes.
  • Petroleum jelly

How to grow your eyebrows using petroleum jelly

The moisturising, hydrating, and nourishing benefits of petroleum jelly are well-known to everyone. You may be surprised to learn that these remarkable characteristics also aid in the natural development of your eyebrows. To keep your eyebrows appearing fuller, apply petroleum jelly to your brows to keep moisture from evaporating.

As an eyebrow filler, you may use petroleum jelly:

In the first step, dab your brows with Vaseline Aloe Fresh Petroleum Jelly and massage it in thoroughly. Afterwards, rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Frequently Asked Questions on the subject of Eyebrow Growth

  1. What can I do to increase the size of my eyebrows?
  2. Any of the aforementioned approaches may be used to promote the development of your brows. A. For best effects, massage the cream into your brows and the surrounding region. This will promote quicker and thicker growth of your brow hairs.
  3. Is it ok to develop new brow hairs?

It is the potential to develop new eyebrow hairs, yes. Even if you’ve been plucking, threading, or waxing your eyebrows for years, it’s still feasible to thicken them and give them a fuller appearance by employing natural methods.

My eyebrows are sparse, and I’d want to fill them in.

If you’re looking for a natural and streak-free look, you may use eyebrow pencils or brow powder. For a more realistic appearance, employ tiny, hair-like strokes.

If these natural methods fail then you can Buy Genuine Careprost Online.

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