Can I Buy Bimatoprost in the UK?

Can I Buy Bimatoprost in the UK?

Bimatoprost is an active ingredient used for treating glaucoma. It is available in the form of a solution or eye drops. It can also be used for making your eyelashes hairy, dark and full. You can buy Bimatoprost online from The doctor also prescribes to treat of ocular hypertension in the eye. The pressure builds up due to fluids inside the eye. Super lash Bimatoprost is used to drain the fluid. If you will not treat it, then high-pressure damages the optic nerve and lead to blindness or loss of vision. The doctor can prescribe Bimatoprost. These eye drops come in single-dose droppers or bottles. You can buy Bimatoprost in the UK under the guidance of a medical professional.

Important facts

  • You can use Bimatoprost one time a day. Always take it at the same time of the day.
  • The eye drops decrease pressure in the eye in four hours.
  • You can also use Bimatoprost for a long period of time.
  • It is quite essential to ask a doctor before using this eye drop.
  • The side effects of using Bimatoprost are itchiness, red-eye, color change, and redness.

Who must avoid Bimatoprost?

It must be avoided by individuals below 18 years of age. It is not appropriate that it must be taken by everyone. You must tell the doctor if you have a history of the below-mentioned conditions.

  • Allergic reaction to the chemical or any other medication
  • About to undergo eye surgery.
  • Dry eyes
  • Have issues with the cornea
  • Use contact lenses. You are required to remove contact lenses.
  • Inflammation in the eye and viral infection
  • Kidney and liver disorder
  • Low blood pressure, low heartbeats, bradycardia.
  • Asthma and COPD- breathing disorders
  • Allergy to silver.

When and how to use Bimatoprost?

You must use Bimatoprost according to the doctor’s prescription. It usually comes in two strengths

  • 1 mg/ml. Here, 1 ml liquid has 0.1 mg of Bimatoprost
  • 3 mg/ml. Here, 1 ml liquid has o,3 mg Bimatoprost

The doctor will give you the dose that is right for you. Usually, you have to take 1 drop every day. It is best to take the eye drop at bedtime before going to sleep. You will also get bottles or single-use droppers. You must read the instructions mentioned on the package before using it.

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How you can use eye drops?

If you use contact lenses, then ensure that they are removed before the application of eye drops. You must wait for 20 mins before applying it. This wait time is required as the solution makes your eyes blurred. Hence, wash your hands with soap and water.

  • If the solution is in the bottle then gently remove the cap. If you are not provided with a separate dropper, squeeze the bottle in the eye.
  • Ensure the tip of the bottle or dropper does not come in touch with the eye, skin, eyelid, eyelashes, and other surfaces.
  • With the finger, pull down the lower lids and tilt the head.
  • The dropper or bottle must be put into the eye by squeezing it and putting only one drop in the eyelid.
  • Now, close your eyes and press your finger inside the eye. It will keep drops in the eye.
  • You can wipe out an extra solution with a clean cloth
  • Repeat in the other eye in the same way.
  • You can place the cap on the bottle.
  • Don’t use Bimatoprost eye drops with other eye drops. You can wait for 5 minutes before the application of eye drops.
  • Don’t forget to take the eye drops. If you forget to take it then avoid the missed dose and take the next dose.
  • If you tend to forget the dose, then remember it by keeping alarms.
  • If you have taken an extra dose then you can experience irritation or redness in the eye. Rinse immediately with water. You must also convey this to the doctor. So, you must Buy Bimatoprost online under the guidance of the doctor.

Side effects

You can experience common side effects and serious side effects.

Common side effects

  • Eye color change
  • Itchy and red eyelids
  • Irritated eye
  • Dryness
  • Darker skin near the eye
  • Changes in eyelashes

Severe side effects

  • Shortness of breath
  • COPD or asthma
  • Dizziness
  • Severe allergic reactions

Buy Super lash Bimatoprost online

You can buy Bimatoprost online with ease. It is quite easy to place the order and get delivery at the doorstep. You are required to just add to the cart, place an order, and add an address, local detail number, and nearest landmark. The Bimatoprost is delivered as soon as the order is received by

You must avoid it taking it at the time of pregnancy and lactation. You must convey to the doctor if you are planning to become one too. Also, provide him the details of other prescription and OTC medicines taken by you.

You must buy Bimatoprost online from a trusted online pharmacy. The genuine online medical store has the address mentioned on the website. They also provide information about contact details. You will also get attractive deals and offers on


You can easily place an order for Bimatoprost in the UK. You must consult the doctor and take Bimatoprost under his guidance. There are many websites online that are selling medicines but you have to place the order from a trusted website having genuine and top-quality products. So, you are not required to take tension! Just check the terms and conditions and policy terms mentioned on the website. Also, don’t get lured to unreasonable offers and discounts.

Bimatoprost is used for hairy and lengthy eyelashes. Also, the doctor recommends it take in Glaucoma. So, you must place the order and buy Bimatoprost online from a trusted website. Ordering super lash Bimatoprost is quite easy as you can place the order sitting in the comfort of your home. You can order anytime from a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. You will get same-day delivery. Also, don’t forget to apply eye drops and don’t take the overdose. So, you are just a click away from having black and stronger eyelashes.


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