5 Healthy Habits That May Prevent Glaucoma

5 Healthy Habits That May Prevent Glaucoma

Eat Lots of Leafy Green Vegetables.

An observational study that followed 100,000 patients for 26 years showed that improving leafy greens consumption is associated with a reduced risk of primary open-angle glaucoma developing.

Glaucoma destroys the optic nerve, which holds the brain’s visual information. Increased fluid pressure in the eye or decreased blood flow to the optic nerve is known to be hallmark causes of glaucoma. Buy Careprost online is the best option to treat Glaucoma. Leafy greens are filled with nitrate which is converted to nitric oxide by your body. Nitric oxide helps maintain maximum blood flow and can hold low eye pressure. In developing paracentral glaucoma, consuming two salads a day with romaine and leafy greens will lead to a 60 percent reduction.

Fill your plate with leafy green vegetables — not only does this help reduce glaucoma but it is also associated with lower rates of inflammation, cancer, heart disease, and macular degeneration.

Get Your Blood Sugar in Check.

If your doctor advises you that your blood sugar is high, you should keep it in check. Although the issue of whether or not type 2 diabetes is a risk factor for primary open-angle glaucoma remains uncertain, a worldwide data review suggests the answer is Yes. Dr. Pasquale carried out a 2006 study which suggested that there is something about insulin resistance that contributes to the glaucoma disease process.

In turn, people with higher blood sugars have higher eye pressure which we know is a contributor to glaucoma growth.

Primary care doctors are beginning to concentrate on patients who have high blood sugars. Having your numbers in order may help prevent glaucoma, and it sure isn’t going to hurt is in the safe range to reduce other disease risks.

Protect Your Eyes From the Sun and Start Young.

When you’re out in the field, a significant number of light rays must be handled into your skin. Inevitably, there’ll be some harmful UV rays coming your way. These UV rays may contribute to the formation of exfoliating material in your eye’s anterior section, clogging the drain and dialing up pressure in the eye. Less sun exposure to the eyes will likely result in less cataracts and help prevent glaucoma from exfoliating. And although genes play a significant part in the development of glaucoma, sun exposure is still significant. As Dr. Pasquale states, Climate loads the gun and the strategy is implemented by common gene variance.

Wherever you live in the world your exposure to the sun also affects and may lead to the development of glaucoma. The sun bounces off the ground and into the eye in more ways the farther you get from the equator, according to a paper published in 2011 by Dr. Pasquale and colleagues.

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Exercise in Moderation.

Exercise is known to minimize intraocular pressure, and to provide several cardiovascular advantages. Reasonable exercise, in the end, can only improve your overall health.

But the key here is “moderate” some reports show that exercising to exhaustion is bad for glaucoma, as it may overburden the autoregulatory cardiovascular system.

Exercise to decrease the intraocular pressure significantly, and improve other health aspects. Avoid exercising to exhaustion and certain types of exercises, particularly yoga inversion poses. Auto regulatory systems are stressed by postures such as balancing on your head, making it difficult for the eyes to handle as blood rushes to your head.

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If you Have a Family History of Glaucoma, Get Checked Early and Often.

If you have a family history, you raise the chance of developing glaucoma by at least threefold. Together with people all over the world, Mass. Researchers at eyes and ears find that several genes contribute to glaucoma. The analysis shows that having some of those related genes at an earlier point in time translates into developing the disease. It’s important to note, as such, that glaucoma is not an elderly condition. It’s a middle-aged disease for the Caucasians, and for African Americans, it’s an even earlier illness.

Find out if glaucoma runs in your family, and if it does, every one or two years you should have a thorough dilated eye test.

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