Latisse vs. lash boost, which is better for eyelash growth

Latisse vs. lash boost, which is better for eyelash growth

A significant part of the lashes is that they bring you unique beauty, which helps you be the center of attention in any crowd. In addition to beauty, they protect your eyes from environmental hazards. However, a stroke of mascara will work to make them longer. But this is a temporary matter. In a few hours, it went out of sight. But to get naturally thick and long lashes, you need to find the right way. Latisse and Lash Booster work great in this case. But these two products have some differences. Let’s find out the difference between Latisse and Lash Booster.

When it comes to the matter of eyelashes, it is crucial to make sure that the company usually uses non-toxic ingredients in the formulas of making the serums. Here, We will be discussing the ingredients of the product, side- effects, pros and cons for both brands!

Latisse vs. Lash Boost 

Lattice is an FDA-approved eye serum used primarily to treat glaucoma and is a prescription drug. Eye specialists often notice an increase in lashes after using Lattice in their patients, their main ingredient being Bimatoprost.


Latisse is an effective eye serum that most eye specialists usually prescribe. Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or FDA, It cures hypotrichosis of the upper eyelids perfectly. With the prostaglandin analog, Latisse helps to follicle eyelashes so that eyelashes can grow significantly faster.

Latisse treatment is perfect for those looking for the solution to grow the hair of their eyelashes. There may be a genetic problem with this condition, but it is not a life-limiting problem for which you must suffer from insecurity or shame.

How does Latisse Work?

Generic Latisse – Generic Latisse believes that the eyelash can be grown in two ways: first, it increases the lash length; second, it promotes the number of new lashes. It is an FDA-approved eyelash growth drug used as a medicine for glaucoma previously.

The active ingredient in Latisse has previously been used in a prescription drug called Lumigan, which is primarily used to treat high intraocular pressure (IOP) as a possible symptom of glaucoma.

The eyelash growth was the side effect of Lumigan, which is used to make eyelash enlargement serum. No one is quite sure how LATISSE stimulates hair growth, but it is now being used as an eyelash development serum by thousands of people across the United States.

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Latisse VS Lash Boost: comparison between their ingredients


Bimatoprost: Like prostaglandin, Bimatoprost, the main ingredient of Latisse, allows you to fight against glaucoma. Besides this, it can make your lashes longer, thicker, and darker. You can combine it with other effective ingredients to enhance its efficiency.

Citric Acid: Citric Acid can lead to 20% growth of eyelashes in its length, volume, and density. This unique ingredient triggers the activation of Latisse and lengthens’ activation, and thickens the lashes.

Benzalkonium chloride: This is another chemical ingredient in Latisse that helps keep bacteria, fungi, and viruses in the eye. Scientists have long proven that this ingredient is very effective in treating blepharitis.

Lash boost

Hydrolyzed Keratin: Keratin is a compound that has the property of strengthening natural roots, thus helping to retain hair on the scalp. Hair Your hair is growing significantly.

Pumpkin Seed Extract: 

Not many of us know that pumpkin seed is an excellent hair growth ingredient rich in antioxidants and omega-3s. When used, it attaches moisture to the follicles very well, promoting lashes’ growth.


Biotin provides essential nutrients to the lashes and helps to make follicles healthier. It also releases enzymes that help you get rid of various infections.

Latisse | Perks, and Cons


  • Help to enhance the length of the eyelashes up to 22%
  • The lashes look 16% darker than usual, which adds a unique depth to your vision
  • Very effective in treating glaucoma
  • Increases the thickness and volume of the lashes by about 106%


  • Pregnant or breastfeeders should be avoided
  • If you have a problem like conjunctivitis, you must avoid using it
  • It makes the eyelids black even if it is not permanent, and it goes away in a few weeks
  • If you have allergies to the eyes or eyelids, should be avoided

Lash Boost | Perks and Cons


  • It can reduce the breakage tendency of the lashes
  • enhance the fullness and thickness of eyelashes up to 90% than the normal one
  • It helps people with sparse lash and brows


  • in some cases, you may face some problems like droopy eyelids
  • It can cause itchy eyes and excessive sensitivity in the eye

What are the side effects of Lash Boost and Latisse?

Almost all cosmetic products may have unwanted side effects, whether FDA approved or not, primarily when we use cosmetics for the eyes and the surrounding area.

The eyes are a sensitive part of the body, so we should always be careful when using new cosmetic products.

Latisse is a prescription drug. Doctors or medical professionals judge the suitability of its use. When using Latisse, some of the most common side effects are itching, redness of the eyes, mild irritation, etc.

There are also some other significant side effects you may experience if you take it, such as darkening of the eyelids and blackening of the iris. After stopping applying the product, this problem can be prevented.

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