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What is Careprost ? – The careprost eye drops 3ml is a medication that can help to treat patients who have loss or poor growth of eyelashes via active ingredient of bimatoprost ophthalmic solutions..

Careprost - Packs

Careprost - Packs

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Careprost – Buy Careprost Online


About Careprost Eye Drops 3 ml

Careprost 3 ml Eye Drops, a drug used for hypotrichosis, a disorder characterized by abnormally sparse or nonexistent eyelash development. Careprost’s key component, bimatoprost, works by increasing the number of hairs in the development phase and lengthening the growth phase itself, stimulating eyelash growth.

Significance of Careprost Eye Drops 3 ml

Intraocular hypertension

Increased pressure inside the eyeball is known as intraocular hypertension (IOP). Although the precise range might vary based on a person’s age, health state, and other variables, IOP that falls within the normal range is often between 10 and 21 mmHg. Age, genetics, underlying medical disorders, drugs, ocular traumas, and surgeries contribute to IOP.

Open-angle glaucoma

Increased pressure inside the eyeball is known as intraocular hypertension (IOP). Although the precise range might vary based on a person’s age, health state, and other variables, IOP that falls within the normal range is often between 10 and 21 mmHg. Age, genetics, underlying medical disorders, drugs, ocular traumas, and surgeries contribute to IOP.

Hypotrichosis of the eyelashes

Eyelashes that are abnormally short, thin, or sparse are indicative of a condition know as hypotrichosis.


The maker is Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.


Cool and dry

Away from pets and children

Away from UV rays.

The practicability of Bimatoprost?

Careprost Eye Drops include the synthetic prostaglandin analog bimatoprost as its dynamic constituent. To do this, the drainage of aqueous humor from the trabecular meshwork, a porous structure at the corneal base, is facilitated. Bimatoprost prevents glaucomatous optic nerve damage and vision loss by lowering intraocular pressure (IOP).

Growth Solution 0.03% Bimatoprost

What You Need to Know About the Growth Answer Careprost Bimatoprost, at a concentration of 0.03%, is a medicine used to treat hypotrichosis (inadequate eyelash growth) and for aesthetic purposes. Bimatoprost, a synthetic prostaglandin analog, makes up 0.03% of the formula.

Safety Advice


Using the supplied applicator, Careprost Eye Drops should be placed solely on the base of the top eyelashes. To avoid unwanted hair growth, the solution should be cleaned away from the skin as soon as possible if it accidentally spills.


Careprost Eye Drops shouldn’t be used by anybody less than 18 years old. Neither this medicine’s effectiveness nor safety has been confirmed in children. Keeping this drug out of the reach of children is crucial in preventing its inadvertent intake or abuse.

Side Effects of Careprost Eye Drops 3 ml

  • Ocular irritation, itching, or stinging
  • Hyperemia of the conjunctiva (redness of the eye)
  • Wetness of the eyes
  • Chapped lips
  • Tissue swelling or redness around the eyes
  • Skin discoloration in the eye area
  • The iris darkens
  • Hazy vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Headache

Precautions to be considered while using Careprost

Careprost Eye Drops are intended for usage only as prescribed by your doctor.

Do not contaminate the dropper by touching the tip to any surface, especially your Eye Care or your hands. Be careful to permanently replace the cap after using the dropper.

Those who use contacts should take them out before taking Careprost Eye Drops. After 15 minutes of utilizing the medicine, you may put your contacts back.

Careprost Eye Drops should not be used if you have glaucoma or ocular hypertension, so be sure to tell your doctor about your medical history before starting treatment. People with specific health issues may not be good candidates for this medicine. Neither this medicine’s effectiveness nor safety has been confirmed in children.

Drug Interactions

Drug-drug interactions

Do not use Careprost Eye Drops unless your doctor has first been informed if you are currently taking any other eye drops or drugs. Other prostaglandin analogs used to treat glaucoma, or ocular hypertension may interact negatively with Careprost Eye Drops. These drugs may not work as well, or their adverse effects may be magnified.

Drug-Food Interactions

If you’re on any other drugs, you shouldn’t eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice since it might negatively interact with them.

Drug-Disease Interactions

It’s crucial to let your doctor know about any preexisting illnesses before beginning treatment with Careprost Eye Drops. A preexisting medical condition might increase the risk of adverse effects or drug interactions while using Careprost Eye Drops. This drug should not be used by those who, for instance, still have active inflammation or infection of the eye. Further, those who have had retinal edema or iritis in the past should take this drug with vision care.

Drug-Drug Interactions Checker List:


Careprost Eye Drops: Adding latanoprost to your treatment regimen may raise your risk of adverse effects such as eye redness and irritation.


Careprost Eye Drops: Combining tafluprost with these drops may raise your chance of adverse effects such as eye redness and irritation.


Careprost Eye Drops: Combining travoprost with these eye drops may raise the chance of adverse effects such as eye redness and irritation.


When used with unoprostone, Careprost Online may increase the likelihood of unwanted effects, including redness and irritation in the eyes.

Eyelash Dosage

Missed Overdose

Do not wait until the next scheduled application time to administer your missed dosage of Careprost Eye Drops.


It’s crucial to get medical help immediately if you think someone has taken too many Careprost Eye Drops. Red eyes, itchy eyes, irritation of the eyes, discomfort in the eyes, and blurred or double vision are all potential side effects of taking too much Careprost. Some of the systemic symptoms of an overdose include low blood pressure and respiratory depression.

Applying Careprost as an enhancer?

Wash your face

Wash your face, remove your contacts, or put on some clean makeup before using the eye drops.


When using Careprost Eye Drops, place one drop at the root of each upper eyelash. The supplied applicator brush should apply one drop of the medicine along the top lash line.

Remove unused medicine with a clean tissue, cotton swab, or finger. Ensure the drug doesn’t go in your eyes or your lower lash line.

Contact lenses

If you use contact lenses and want to use Careprost Eye Drops to grow longer eyelashes, you need to take them out before taking medicine. The drug’s efficacy in stimulating eyelash development may be diminished if contact lenses absorb it.

Patients Concern

Disease/Condition Glossary

Careprost Eye Drops are effective in treating glaucoma. The medicine eases symptoms by decreasing intraocular pressure and increasing fluid outflow.

Conditions or situations that pose a woman’s health risk while using a particular drug are known as contraindications.

Why Buy Careprost from us

Our company is licensed and offers quality products. Our firm also has Buy Real Careprost Online platforms, making it easier for you to place your orders at any time.


Is Careprost the same as Latisse?

Careprost vs Latisse is not the same product, and there may be differences in their formulation, dosing, and packaging.

Is Careprost FDA approved?

The medication I am not approved for it since it is generic

Where to Buy Careprost?

You can order original generic eye drops from amazon or eBay, but actually, now it is discontinued so, you can shop or buy Careprost online at the best price from the official seller store for sale in Canada, USA, UK, Mexico, Dubai, Philippines, Toronto, Ireland, Italia, NZ with free shipping via PayPal and a credit card from cart value $199.

Missed the dose remedy?

Once you remember, take the medication.

Will this medicine ultimately treat my glaucoma?

Nope, the medication does not treat the condition.

Can eyelash growth serum affect vision?

Careprost, a bimatoprost-containing eyelash growth serum, has been linked to several possible eye-related adverse effects, including alterations in eyesight.

Can you use Careprost twice a day?

Careprost Eye Drops are typically used nightly, with a single drop placed in the afflicted eye(s).

Are eyelash growth serums safe?

When taken as indicated, eyelash growth serums like Careprost have been proven safe and effective.

Should one do away with the product in case of recovery?

If your doctor has ordered Careprost Eye Drops 3 ml to treat a particular ailment, use it for the whole duration of therapy, even if you begin to feel better before the drug is fully effective.

Is Careprost bad for your eyes?

Careprost Eye Drops pose little to no risk to patients when prescribed. There may be unwanted consequences, though, as with any drug.


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I highly recommend this product to buy from this amazing site. I’ve used many and this has definitely been the best !! Just apply ONCE a day with a bare face and it should do the magic for you! In just ONE WEEK it made a difference !! I absolutely LOVE IT !!!!


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 I am very impressed with this growth serum. I have been using it for about a month once a day ( some days I have been busy and skipped an application). I have seen a real difference – both in the length, fullness and new growth of my eyelashes.


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[testimonial image=”9150″ image_width=”121″ pos=”center” name=”Mirorim” company=”Facebook”]

After purchase careprost from this store. I really like this stuff. I have seen a significant difference in the length of my eyelashes plus a little more fullness, and I used it to fill/darken my eyebrows and it’s done exactly what I needed.





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