Steps Guide on how to apply Eyelash Extensions

Steps Guide on how to apply Eyelash Extensions

Step 1. Apply under-eye stickers

While applying under eye stickers/gel patches, you should abstain from placing the sticker excessively near the eye. The sticker ought to be set over the lower lashes, around 3-4 millimeters from the lower lash line. Check tops from beneath to guarantee upper and lower covers form a seal without any gaps.

Step 2. Choose extensions

Always use somewhere around three different lengths of expansions that extend from 6 mm to 14 mm long. It is ideal to use 8mm lash extensions in the internal corners of the eye to dodge keep away from a counterfeit clownlike look. It is also critical to use 8mm expansions all over the eye, between the more drawn out extensions to make a thick lash line. Inability to blend in short augmentations results in void holes that make the long expansions appear to be like creepy spider legs. For a sensational look, select the thickest (0.25mm) curly expansions. Better extensions make a more natural look.


Step 3. Pick-up

Spread lashes out on your vinyl pad designed for fast get of the extensions. Orient extension legitimately in the tweezers.The extension ought to be arranged at a 90° edge to the straight tweezer for quick, precise application.

Step 4. Dip

While holding the extension from its decreased end, dip the extension into the adhesive; ensure there is plentiful cement at the base of the extension. Swipe off any excess before applying.

Step 5. Isolate and Swipe

Isolate the natural lash with the curved tweezers. While holding the extension from its decreased end, swipe the extension along the natural lash. Coat the natural lash with adhesive from base to tip without any gaps in the glue. Spread the glue until smooth.

Step 6. Set

After swiping the natural lash with enough glue to coat it, set the extension on the lash around 1/2– 1 mm far from the eyelid. Release the extension onto the natural lash. The lash should to confront upwards and parallel to other lashes with no dots of paste. Try not to contact the extension subsequent to the setting. Proceed onward to another region or the contrary eye and more than once apply extension until It ends up hard to isolate more natural lashes.

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Stage 7. Independent

No two extensions or natural lashes ought to be stuck together. use both sets of tweezers to isolate any extensions from neighboring lashes or potentially extensions. Handle and separate in a flat way; best done while the glue is dry, yet not completely restored. Never pull in a vertical bearing or spot any pressure on normal lashes. Rehash the application and division steps until each normal lash is reinforced.

Stage 8. Dry

when all natural lash has an extension safely fortified, the time has come to dry the recently enhanced lashes for three minutes. Fog with refined water, dry again for three minutes and perform one last round of partition.

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