How can I strengthen my eyelashes Long and Beautiful

How can I strengthen my eyelashes Long and Beautiful


Everyone wants to look beautiful and charming  eyelashes. One of the most obvious reasons is attraction, but on the other hand, it also gives an individual a sense of confidence. But there are some people who are not blessed with good personality.

As we all want to have an attractive personality and if we do not tend then it becomes a problem. To this, women are more concerned as compared to men. Adding beauty to their personality is what makes them look and feel good. Hence, in this manner, they tend to be more confident.

We are sure you are also the one who thinks in the same manner. To this, enhancing beauty is made with thicker and darker eyelashes. Being an important part, it delivers a look and yet protection.

But with the poor lifestyle, excessive makeup, and also excessive use of makeup these eyelashes lose their shine. With a continuous following of these habits, they become brittle and lose their thickness. Therefore to make this fix, Careprost is the solution containing bimatoprost that fixes the eyelashes. It is one of the best ways to strengthen your eyelashes long and beautiful.

Eyelashes and their health 

Eyelashes when they are thick and darker they protect eyes from dirt and also enhance beauty. Also, they act as a sensor but sometimes women tend to undergo hypotrichosis. This is the condition that makes eyelashes think and even dull.

But with the rising problem, FDA has approved the eye solution Careprost (generic Latisse) to help women. It comes in a small bottle and helps to grow eyelashes thick and make them even look even shiner and healthier.

Hence getting a darker lashes can be obtained with bimatoprost 0.03%. it helps to ensure to make they are thick within a few weeks of use.

Follow these steps to use Careprost and grow your lashes thicker.

Careprost is the solution eye drop that contains bimatoprost as its active component (0.03%).

Women need to use 1 drop of it to the thin eyelashes. Do not use it on the other parts of the skin, but use it on the upper lid of the eye.

Upon continuous use for weeks, it helps to regenerate the growth of hairs (making them strong, fuller and more shiner).

But there are some precautions that you need to follow as well. Ensure that you are not wearing contact lenses, if you have been out for some time, then ensure to wash your face (before applying).

If by chance Careprost falls to the other skin then it can grow your hair. Then handle the product carefully. Generic latisse makes the wish of every woman to grow their eyelashes.

One of the best product adopted by women and even men. Therefore to acquire lashes you must continuous use of the solution. On the other hand, some natural ways are also adopted and are mentioned below.

Proven way to get thicker eyelashes

If you want to adopt the medical way then the proven way is with Bimatoprost (Latisse). It helps to regeneration the growth of eyelashes. By making them thick, stronger, and also healthier, women can acquire the eyelashes they want.

Your concerned specialist can also recommend you the medicines as it is effective and approved by FDA.  It delivers fast results within 2 months of continuous use. Therefore follow the process without fail to get the best result.

If you do not maintain the consistency then your eyelashes will take back the older face.


Some natural remedies for eyelashes growth

Natural ways can take up the charge to grow your  thick, but they are sometimes not appropriate for all as well. As per your condition, you must take up the charge to follow those, or also you can consult a doctor before applying them.

However, some of those natural ways are mentioned below-

  • Applying petroleum jelly

Applying petroleum jelly 3 times a week can cure your eyelashes from any problem. It can be either in the morning or also during day time after washing your face.

  • Green tea 

You can also try to apply green tea with the cotton gently to the affected eyelashes.

  • Olive oil 

Applying a small amount of olive oil with/without lemon can also be proven to be an effected technique.

  • Castor oil

Applying castor oil before going to bed and also after washing face can help to grow lashes thicker. It also delivers a shine that can help you to be more attractive.

  • Aloe vera

Apply aloe vera gel before going to bed and rise early in the morning to get the best result.

  • Message

Gently massage your damaged eyelashes can also help. You can follow this remedy 2 times in a week.

All of the above methods are natural, but there is no proven result obtained. If you want to adopt these then you can but it might be the case you do not get result.


To strengthen your eyelashes long and beautiful, the best way found is with Careprost. The solution that comes in bottle along with applicator. Applying one drop to  (that is affected) can improve the texture by delivering it the shine.

This way millions of women have adopted the result with Careprost.


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