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Active IngredientsOnabotulinumtoxinA
IndicationCervical Dystonia, Muscle Spasm and for Migraine Prevention, Overactive Bladder
ManufacturerAllergan India Pvt Ltd
Packaging100iu in 1 bottle
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    What is Botox?

    Botox is one of the common drugs that is mainly injected into patients for paralyzing muscles. If it is taken in small dosage then it can reduce wrinkles and even other medical conditions (eye spasms, migraines, and also Raynaud’s).

    Majority of the people are undertaking Botox for cosmetic reasons as well. It is mainly composed of botulinum which is the bacteria Clostridium botulinum.

    The medicine is completely safe to consume as FDA has approved it and hence you can buy Botox to make your appearance much more appealing.

    How Botox is used?

    Botox should be used under complete guidance from a medical expert. The medicine should be used for cosmetic purposes.

    Women take control of the medicine to improve skin, wrinkles and also other medical conditions. Hence if you are required to take Botox then you must always consult to doctor.

    How botox works?

    The direction of botox is undertaken by specialist where once it is injected helps to blocks the signals of the nerves. Once it is injected it paralyse the muscles and in turn cannot be contracted.

    But remember the effects that are caused by botox are temporary- but usually it lasts for about months. You can inject botox either in lips, cheeks bones and also in nose. Usually, it is also easier for individuals to buy botox online as well.

    After the botox is injected there has been seen a chemical messenger releases named as acetylcholine. It is at the junction where nerves ending muscles meet muscle cells.

    Acetylcholine gets attached to the receptors and in turn enable them to contract. This is the process by which botox works.

    How the procedure for Botox is done?

    Usually, the process of Botox is performed by clinical experts. It is mainly diluted and in turn injected to the area adopted.

    In this manner, it is injected directly into the neuromuscular tissue. The entire process is taken under the complete control of experts.

    For How long does botox treatment last?

    It is said that after the treatment is taken to show results up to 72 hours. Usually, the final result can take up to 5 days.

    The lasting effect is around 3-12 months and also depends upon the treatment that is adopted.

    To take the longer and lasting effect of botox it is usually recommended to have proper consultation with the doctor and then go ahead with the entire process.

    Some effects of botox

    • Eyes becomes dry
    • Stomach problem
    • Headache
    • Eyelid drooping
    • Cardiovascular problem
    • Weakness
    • Neuromuscular disorder

    Who should not get it?

    Few people should not consider taking Botox and most of the cases we have gathered below

    • Not for pregnant women

    You must not adopt it when you are expecting child. Although there has not been any such case reported it is all that medical experts take for granted. The process contains toxins and this is the major reason why it is not safe to be injected into women’s bodies who are into breastfeeding or pregnancy state.

    • Neuromuscular disorder

    Some of the individuals do suffer from neuromuscular disorders are also not advised to take botox treatment. It causes muscle weakness and this is the reason why the process is not recommended.

    • Allergic to botox

    People who are extremely sensitive to some medicines like toxins or face itching, swelling, and redness should not use botox treatment. It is therefore advised to consult with the doctor whether you are a suitable person or not and then begin with it.

    • Consuming some medicines

    It might be the case where you must be consuming some other healthcare medicines. However, if you are proceeding towards  injection tell everything to your doctor. In this manner, you will be away from clashing one medicine with another and impacting your health.

    What happen before the treatment is started

    Before starting the process, your concerned specialist will seek everything from you. This majorly includes the health condition, allergies, and intake of some medicines.

    Once everything gets clear then it becomes easy to start the process. Your doctor before starting will give you the green chit and in turn, begin with the process.

    After the procedure

    After you have performed  treatment then it might take some time for you to show results. Usually, the proper results are obtained after 5 days.

    To this, if you face any difficulties then you must rush to the doctor and discuss your condition.

    In this process, the muscles are expanded and it can give your face or the desired area a new look. Majorly adopted by women and celebrities these days to enhance their appearance.

    It is also known as one of the best cosmetic processes and the most adopted one.

    When there is a need to consult doctor and best advice?

    Since  injections are found to be relatively safe and as we stated majority of the individuals are adopting them.

    Perhaps the individuals who are adopting have to be medically fit. This means you do not have discomfort towards your eyelids, neuromuscular disorder, allergies and so on.

    If you have been to any such or other state then do consult with a doctor to avoid any negative impact on your health. You can be asked to buy Botox online as well after the process to take benefit of it.


    Treatment might take months and therein you have to be mentally prepared. This treatment lets you make your skin looks good, and shiny and also make it fuller.

    Perhaps there can be some side effects as well- in that case do not get disturbed. Your healthcare will let you inform everything right in the beginning and so should you.

    In this manner, the treatment can go easily. After  your life can take a new turn. You tend to feel more confident, strong and also lavish.

    All of the wrinkles in your skin vanish and make you to withstand its benefits for a long hence you can look to buy Botox online easily.



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