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Active IngredientsBimatoprost
IndicationEyelashes Growth, Glaucoma, Ocular Hypertension
ManufacturerAjanta Pharma Ltd
Packaging3ml IN Bottle
Delivery time6 to 15 Days

Bimat : Buy Bimat 3ml with Generic Medication Bimatoprost online at a reasonable price from a most trusted website to treat glaucoma, eyelashes Growth, and Ocular Hypertension.

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    The falling of eyelashes can be encountered at any age, as there is no limited or desired period. But the condition can be related to different conditions- that can be either physical or also mental. Therein when you encounter falling eyelashes then at first you need to determine it.

    It has been observed that both men and women nowadays undergo difficulty falling off eyelashes and even glaucoma due to several reasons. However, most of the top ones are the use of excessive make-up products, use of fake lashes and others.

    But do not live with the condition as there are ways to overcome the problem. This is mainly because any missing point related to our beauty or body can make you undergo a stressed state and even lose your confidence.

    But with the help of proper control available in the form of Bimat eye drops (Bimatoprost), you can cope with the conditions. 

    But what exactly are Bimat eye drops (Bimatoprost) Bimatoprost is and how does it help to regenerate the growth of eyelashes? Let us help you to fix your problem with complete guidance and utmost control here.

    What are Bimat eye drops (Bimatoprost) all about?

    You no longer have to struggle with your thin and weaker lashes because you have a complete solution with you. 

    This indicates if you were stressed about growing your eyelashes stronger, making them fuller and also to overcome with glaucoma difficulty then Careprost is one of the appropriate FDA-approved eye drops available for you.

    It consists of Bimatoprost sold under the brand name Latisse and it is a prescribed medicine for the treatment of eyelash hypotrichosis.

    This means if you want to grow thicker, longer and darker eyelashes then Bimatoprost is the best solution for you.

    How does Bimatoprost work?

    It has been determined that the mechanism that Bimatoprost follows lets to strengthen your eyelashes.

    It is the prostaglandin analogue and in turn, when put to your eyes it tends to increase the aqueous humor and this helps to lower the pressure developed within the eyes.

    It helps to let your eyelashes grow at a much faster rate.

    Also, this eye drop helps to promote thicker eyelashes and in turn makes them stronger.

    Tends to increase melanin production.

    Benefits that come with Bimatoprost

    Bimatoprost is found to be the one approved medicine that can let you develop longer and thicker eyelashes.

    Bimat eye drops tend to reduce the developed pressure within your eyes and make your eyelashes fall or let your eyes undergo difficulty.

    Once you put up the required eye drop then it helps to lower the pressure developed within the eyes. This in turn helps to regain back your eyelashes growth and in turn, makes up the smooth state for your health.

    Hence taking it regularly for the desired period will help you to come back to your normal state.

    Side-effects reported

    • Eye redness
    • Dryness
    • irritation
    • Eyelid darkening
    • Increased iris pigmentation 
    • Itching
    • burning around the eyes
    • Headache
    • Uneven eyelash growth

    Things you must consider before using Bimatoprost

    You must also consult with a doctor and these ways in turn help your condition to be settled.

    Must inform your doctor about your medicines (if you are taking them) and other necessary health issues.

    If you are planning to have a baby or into feeding then you must speak about your doctor as well. 

    What is the best way to use Bimat eye drops?

    The eye drop is solely available for external use as well. You must take it (as per the instructions that it comes with) or upon consulting with a doctor.

    In addition, Bimat eye drops come with an applicator that makes it easier to put into your eyes.

    So, you must gently squeeze the dropper and then put it on the affected eye to regain back your eye health or eyelashes.

    Eye drops are available to be used for both children and adults. all you need is to follow the necessary instructions that come along with the eye drop and upon following up doctor (about your condition).

    Remember to follow the intake process for about 2-3 months regularly so that you can regain back your eyelashes.

    Major advantages of Bimat eye drops

    Different advantages have been associated with Bimat eye drops and here are all of those.

    Bimat eye drops are an FDA-approved medication that tends to offer the level of satisfactory results.

    It is clinically proven, as Latisse has undergone several tests that have demonstrated its effectiveness, in thickening, and darkening eyelashes.

    Shows relatively long-lasting results, which indicates it shows up lasting impact when you have the eyelash hair thicker and darker.

    Bimat eye drops have safeguarded or boosted the confidence of many women and even men as well.

    This is because no matter what gender you are, eyelashes falling is a major problem that each one of us is undergoing. Hence, taking steps at the right moment to protect your health issues is a necessity.

    Here, Bimat eye drops can be your partner for a longer time and upon continuous use of medicines.

    Where to buy Bimat eye drops?

    The availability of Bimat eye drops has been made available all across online and offline pharmacies. But there are chances where you can get confused to determine the authentic one and get the right product.

    Since different suppliers can offer you even fake products or medicines.

    Hence, rather than getting in the wrong direction, you should make up your choice with us. We have made ourselves to withstand the complete authentication and guidelines to serve customers the best. You can buy Bimat eye drops online with us and let yourself be in the safer hands.

    Since Bimat eye drops are being widely adopted eye drop and if you from quite a long time then you should buy Bimat eye drops.

    We deliver Bimat eye drops to different countries and areas easily. This way you can overcome the difficulty of being embraced in front of thousands of people.




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    1. Vivian Edwards

      Fast delivery, Excellent service, and was kept informed regarding my order. Will definitely use again.

    2. Bella Mitchell

      I am applying Bimat from last 2 months and I am happy with what i got. It is pocket friendly eyelash serum and delivered by most trusted pharmacy store!! Definitely recommend everyone who want beautiful Look!!!

    3. Zoey Diaz

      Great product and great price.

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